Feb 26, 2024

Phil Lentini Elevated to Vice President

Published Nov 9, 2015

The Epsilon Group Company’s CEO, Jack Rochel announces the appointment of Phillip Lentini, as Vice President – Pro Division for Lighting and Sound to continue to increase market share and worldwide growth. Lentini has been responsible for the vision, product development and the success of EPSILON’s Pro division since inception. As we continue to embrace our rapid growth we also want to ensure that our infrastructure remains solid to better serve our customers and allow us to continue building high quality professional products at the most affordable prices.

Lentini States: “I am grateful for our continued success in just under 3-years and would like to thank all of our existing partnerships including our dealer network and sales support team for their contribution and hard work in which has led us to our success. I look forward to continuing to expand our team and our worldwide network.”

Lentini is seeking for a seasoned Eastern Sales Manager to assist in covering the Eastern States of the United States to maximize dealer support; applicants must have lighting experience. Their major role will be to increase our dealer network and conduct product training on how to operate and market EPSILON products to generate additional sales revenue.

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