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Mad Linx Host of BET's "Rap City" Guest Reader

Published Jun 21, 2006

Mad Linx, the host of BET’s “Rap City,” will be a guest reader for the 2006 Harlem USA Celebrity Read-A-Thon on June 22nd from 10AM to 12PM at the Magic Johnson Theatres on 124th Street and Frederick Douglass Blvd. Mad Linx, along with other celebrity readers, will read two school approved selections to a group of youngsters. After the reading there will be a question and answer session where Mad Linx and the other Guest Readers will answer questions on how reading has impacted their lives.

Mad Linx, the host of the popular BET show, “Rap City,” started his career as a DJ in Tampa, FL, and through dedication and a fierce drive to always succeed he has elevated himself to the next level of accomplishments and achievements. Mad Linx, an avid reader himself, knows how important it is for all youngsters to take an interest in reading. “Reading has the ability to transport the reader to other lands, cultures and to learn about other people in distant places--all without leaving the confines of one’s home,” says Mad Linx. “Reading has played an important role in all facets of my life and career and I am hopeful that these kinds of enjoyably stimulating programs will enable young people to benefit from reading as much as I have.”

Since 2000, the Harlem USA Celebrity Read-A-Thon have been inviting notable readers who have a youthful fan base, as part of their overall program of motivating reading interest in young people. Each year the program grows larger and larger as more and more guest luminaries join forces with community leaders in bringing the joy of reading to the young people of Harlem. Mad Linx states that he is privileged to be part of such a wonderful program.

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