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Interview: DJ LORD

Rolling Stone magazine recently anointed Public Enemy as one of the 50 immortal acts ever in rock and roll. It was voted between artists and journalists.

Rolling Stone magazine recently anointed Public Enemy as one of the 50 immortal acts ever in rock and roll. It was voted between artists and journalists. Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys wrote the much appreciated dedication. Chuck who's a fan of the history of recorded sound period was awestruck to be placed alongside BO Diddley,Chuck Berry,James Brown etc..

DJ Lord was chosen by Public Enemy to replace their legendary DJ Terminator X, and on his performance at the 2002 Pioneer Pro CDJ spin off battle, it's not hard to see why. Providing us with an intimate look into his life, DJ Lord lifts the lid on his DJ life a little.

1. In addition to our 2002 battle that you took first place at, you have quite a list of credentials to your name. What battles have you won?

DJ Lord: 2000 KoolMixx Atlanta Battle Champion
2000 Guitar Center/[bleep] Southeast Battle Champion
2001 Guitar Center/Stanton Southeast Battle Champion
2001 DMC Phoenix Regional Champion
2002 Pioneer/PromoOnly CDJ1000 CD Turntable Battle Champion 2002 Breaklanta 1 Battle Champion 2003 Breaklanta 3 Battle Champion 2003 KoolMixx Atlanta Battle Champion 2004 KoolMixx Atlanta Prelim Champion

2. How did you get started in DJing/battling?
I started by watching my cousin Bernard in West Chester, Pa. When my family moved to Savannah, GA we still would travel back and forth to Philly which was a plus because I would get to see/hear and be in that huge Hip/Hop environment. At times I would sneak into my cousin's room while he was practicing and when he was away I would check out his set (2 Technic 1200's and a Numark/Gemini mixer) even though he would catch me and punch me out everytime...I was persistent. At the time Philly was known for badass DJs and my cousin ran with the best (Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money, Tat Money, etc)...doing block parties and battling. So when I settled in Savannah I was fully focused on learning...constantly listening to tapes/records by Grand Master Flash, Jam Master Jay, Mix Master Ice, Jazzy Jeff and damn near in tears trying to figure out how they were making these sounds with turntables and moreover "Why the hell doesn’t mine sound like that?” So after years of trial and error (and wasting hundreds of my Mom's dollars in belt drive turntables and bullshit mixers) I started to figure it out. Once I got the transformer scratch down..everything else was a blur.

3. Who was your role model?
Bernard, Jazzy Jeff, Flash, Mix Master Ice....Jay.

4. What’s in your CD player right now?
Tracks for the new P.E album as well as a few for my solo album.

5. What's been your favorite city to be in while you've been on tour?
Melbourne, Australia

6. What do you think of the Pioneer CDJ-1000’s?
The Pioneer CDJ-1000s are exactly what they say they are "Pioneers". They have changed the game as far as DJ equipment goes. I remember when they first came out and when I won the Pioneer/Promo-Only first annual digital turntable battle..."a few" people in the "turntablist" circles found out that I was using them and...MAN! about haters...all the little nobody’s came out of no-where to try and diss me...even though I'm quoted saying "I'm a die-hard vinyl fan but this is technology and either move with it or get left behind like the dinosaurs"...people tried to take shots. But now it's like "oohhh wow!" really feels just like a turntable..or.."oh,..."I can use it for sampling", or "oh, I don't have to lug around a Ka-zillion records to the club or on a flight anymore", or "oh, I didn’t know they were THAT accurate" or......I laugh. The CDJ1000's are dope!..and after trial and error Pioneer has put the future in your face without disrespecting the Analog turntable but adding another dimension.

7. What are you working on currently in your career?
Two Public Enemy albums, Flavor Flavs solo works, my solo works, a new DVD, laying scratches for different groups (The Hedz, Unknown Ceeds, Sapone), world tours with P.E./solo (USA, U.K., Asia, Canada, South Africa), a battle break record, Drum/Bass projects, one more year of battling, etc......

8. Do you have a website that we can refer our readers to so they can get to know you better?
The site is under construction but you can log on to to keep up. Shouts out to Greg J., my manager.