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Global Truss America Names Kenneth Kahn President

Published Jun 5, 2013

Global Truss America, a leading maker of trussing products, has named Kenneth Kahn president of the company, which sells products in North America under the DuraTruss and Global Truss brands. Kahn has been with the company since its inception in 2000 and has played a key role in building it into a major supplier of trussing and accessories for the stage, concert, club, house of worship, exhibit and retail display markets.


“Ken has been involved in every aspect of this business, from sales and marketing to research and product development,” said Global Truss America CEO Chuck Davies. “He’s excelled at every position he’s held here, so we’re very confident that he’ll be able to guide our company to even more outstanding success in the future.”


Kahn was instrumental in creating Global Truss America’s dual branding strategy in 2012. Under this plan, the company markets DJ truss in the US under the Global Truss name and professional/installation/touring trussing products under the DuraTruss label.  (Global Truss America is part of the ADJ Group, which sells DuraTruss products internationally.) 


“I’m excited about the opportunities we have to grow our business in our existing markets and by developing new markets,” said Kahn. “We have an excellent production process, an exceptional product line and great systems in place. I’m also very fortunate to be surrounded by an extraordinarily talented group of colleagues, so the future is bright for Global Truss America.”

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