Sep 27, 2023

GCI Technologies Names Wilder as Vice President of Marketing

Published Mar 1, 2011

GCI Technologies, whose brands include Gemini, Cortex and iKey, announced today the addition of Mark Wilder as Vice President of Marketing. Prior to joining GCI, Wilder was the Director of Marketing with Samson for the past 5 years.

“We are pleased to welcome Mark to the GCI family,” says Artie Cabasso, CEO of GCI Technologies. “Our commitment to taking our marketing and brand strategies to a new level is conveyed with his appointment. Through his leadership, we will create the team and the infrastructure to support our brands for future growth throughout the world.”

As Vice President of Marketing, Wilder will create a new, worldwide marketing strategy for each brand, while developing all creative for advertising, managing media relations, tradeshows and nurture growth in artist relations. He will report to CEO Artie Cabasso.

“I am delighted to join the GCI family,” says Wilder. “This is a unique opportunity to develop and execute strategic marketing plans for three of the most respected brands in our industry, while also building upon a strong team of creative professionals. GCI’s brands are poised for growth and I look forward to helping realize their potential.”

Before joining the music products industry, Wilder was a marketing professional in industries ranging from the performing arts and music education, to advertising and financial services for 12 years. He holds a Master of Music degree in composition from the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and continues to compose and produce music for media.

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