Dec 10, 2023

Eric Loader Marks 10 Years at Martin

Published Jul 22, 2004

CEO Troels Volver isn’t the only Martin US employee celebrating a 10-year anniversary at Martin Professional. Earlier this year, Martin Professional, Inc. Sales Director Eric Loader celebrated his 10-year anniversary at Martin as well.

Eric’s rise from an aspiring DJ to the head of Martin Professional’s top subsidiary sales department started as a teenager when he worked at his local DJ supply store in the San Francisco bay area. After moving to LA for college working a stint at Towards 2000 (T2k) and American DJ Supply, Eric was hired by Martin to open up a west coast office in LA in 1994, serving as Branch Manager with sales responsibility for the entire West Coast.

In 1997 Eric transferred to the Florida office and assumed the position of Director of Sales, a position he has held ever since. He reflected over his time at Martin, “When I began the RoboScan 1220 was our top product and DMX was just starting to be offered in our products. Martin was a strong player back then but certainly not a market leader. Then we went into expansion mode with changes in leadership, an expanding product line, reorganizations, lawsuits - we’ve had both successes and tough times over the years.”

With nearly 20 years of lighting and audio experience under his belt, Eric is a well-known face in the industry. “I think what I have enjoyed most has been the relationships I have developed, from DJs to industry leaders and designers. We have such a broad product offering, so many different segments from club to architectural, concerts, theatre, that every day is a new challenge and I really enjoy that. Yet it’s the same message that we communicate across those segments. Everybody wants quality, good value and good service whether you’re a 16 year old with your first gig like I was at one time or a top lighting designer, nightclub owner or theatrical production supplier.

“I attribute our success to very strong commitments by all the employees. We have a lot of strong and unique players in our organization and it is definitely a team effort. The team we have I am very proud of and they work hard with a lot of drive and integrity. It comes from the leadership down. The ability to listen to what the customer wants, and doing everything we can to provide the best service has been key. It’s been a fast and fun ride. Now we are enjoying success and the future is very bright.

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