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EPSILON hires Grover Knight as Audio Sales Manager

Published Feb 19, 2014
Grover Knight
Grover Knight

Epsilon Electronics, Inc. After a very strong response at NAMM 2014 and successfully launching over 50 new Lighting & Sound products; the Epsilon Group makes yet another strong move to accelerate sales in the MI, Install, Rental and Live Entertainment arena.

The Epsilon Group Company’s General Manager of Sound & Lighting, Phillip Lentini announces the appointment of Grover Knight as the company’s Audio Sales Manager effective immediately.

“I cannot express my enthusiasm enough on having Grover Knight join our efforts  as we gear up to become the next leading manufacturer,” states Lentini… We are very happy for the opportunity to bring on Grover with all his experience, skills and talent.

Grover Knight is a seasoned veteran in the MI/Pro audio industry and has always strived to create a balance for both the company and the customers he serves.  With his excellent working relationships with customers both internationally and domestically, Grover will bring his strengths to build on the Epsilon brand.  For 17 years, Grover played a significant role in the growth of InMusic Brands (Numark Industries, Alesis, Akai, Alto Professional, M-Audio and others)

While at InMusic Brands, Grover held the position of sales director for the Pacific Rim. In addition his role within the InMusic brands he also managed all Advertising & PR as the National Sales director for Numark in the US, building it into the number one selling DJ brand.

Prior to moving to the manufacturing side, Grover worked as the advertising director for DJ Times and played a key role in launching and building the International DJ Expo. Grover also has experience in the music retail side while attending college and acquiring his performance degree in classical guitar.

“I look forward to dedicating myself to working with Epsilon and with our customers in partnerships to develop the best solutions for all involved.”

Lentini is also looking to hire a seasoned Lighting - Sales Manager to manage the Epsilon lighting division, Please contact or send resume to Phillip Lentini at  or call 717-379-2275

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