Dec 7, 2023

Elation Education Experience Winners Announced

Published Aug 29, 2007

Elation Professional has chosen Eric Proces of Madison, Wisconsin, as the winner of the Elation Education Experience. Proces won judges over with his excellent use of Elation Lighting products and interesting proposal that ensured a multi-purpose use of space. The runners up were Andrew Prince of Como, Mississippi and James Keeley of Wausau, Wisconsin, both of whom also submitted very impressive entries.


The E3 contest was designed to help students learn the process of creating a functional and entertaining lighting design. Each entrant designed lighting for a multi-purpose Youth Ministry room by using Elation’s Compu Ware Live 3D software. The software allows users to place lighting and test the designs in action in a virtual environment. Designs were built within a pre-established space, including truss placement and size. To make the contest more realistic and challenging, entrants had to follow a strict budget and had only a limited amount of power available.


Thanks to their winning entries, Proces, Prince, and Keeley will be attending the upcoming WFX in Atlanta on October 25-26th, including a formal dinner with Elation Top Management, the E3 judges and top Elation Dealers. The expo allows the E3 winners to network with professionals in the worship industry and gain valuable experience in their field.


Each finalist will also receive the use of an Elation Equipment Package for 3 months that will also be loaned to the participating Youth Ministry, and an Elation Swag package. Proces, as first place winner has won a full copy of Compu Live Pro software and DMX dongle, to further develop his skills in lighting design.


For more information, contact Elation Professional toll-free at 866-245-6726 or visit Email:

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