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DJ Sean Perry

Published Jul 25, 2008

What began as a teenager's hobby fifteen years ago soon developed into a passionate musical career experienced by thousands at the hottest nightclubs around Manhattan. Today DJ Sean Perry is one of the most sought-after DJs in the business, having worked corporate functions, trendy fashion launch parties, and countless clubs from Harlem to Dubai. His unique collection of musical genres covers everything from rock, pop, funk, soul, hip hop to house and thus, creates the perfect eclectic mix for the ever changing nightlife industry.


Currently holding residencies at New York’s hotspots Tenjune, Cain, and One, DJ Sean Perry has become a staple in New York’s music scene. In addition to his NYC residences, DJ Sean Perry makes monthly appearances in cities around the U.S. including Chicago, San Diego, Scottsdale, and Las Vegas. His recent international ventures have brought him as far as Dubai, which is only the beginning of DJ Sean Perry’s overseas work.


Whether DJ Sean Perry is spending his summers spinning in the Hamptons or deejaying at one of his residencies for the likes of Cindy Crawford, Timbaland, or Kid Rock, he continues to stay in demand and transcend in a fiercely competitive DJ market. Traveling to diverse venues, both in the U.S. and worldwide, he is determined to reach a level of fame beyond his local NYC recognition. DJ Sean Perry is more accomplished than most, yet he is a humble, hard-working, passionate young talent who will turn any party or event into a smashing success.

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