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Two New Features Added To PrimeCuts

Published Jul 1, 2005

TM Century, Inc. of Dallas, TX is pleased to announce the addition of Univenture Archival Pocket sleeves and CD-Text to the popular PrimeCuts product line.

Effective the week of July 18th, all PrimeCuts CDs (including Dance, Latin & Smooth Jazz) will be shipped using our new packaging and sleeves. The CDs will be shipped in the Archival Pocket sleeves produced by Univenture. The addition of sleeves will be at no additional cost to subscribers.

Starting with 618P, 619D, Latin 027 & Smooth Jazz 14, CD-Text has been embedded on all PrimeCuts CDs. If you have a CD player that supports CD-Text, information about the song will show up on your display. Digital DJs will benefit if their CD ripping program supports CD-Text as it should import that data so you don't have to type it. This new feature also comes at no additional cost to subscribers.

Eve Mayer Orsburn, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at TM Century says, “Thank you to all the DJs and other PrimeCuts subscribers who give us their suggestions and feedback on our services. Our goal is to make our products as user friendly as possibly and we feel we’ve moved closer to that goal with the addition of these two features to the PrimeCuts series.”

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