Nov 28, 2023

Stanton Updates Product Designs, Corporate Logo To Relfect New Image

Published Jan 13, 2005

Stanton has unveiled an entirely new industrial design for their product line, as well as a new corporate logotype to reflect the company’s contemporary new image. The new product design and logo have been incorporated into Stanton’s massive product line overhaul for 2005, as well as their communications tools including their web site, advertising and product literature.

“We want Stanton to be perceived in a manner that reflects the cutting-edge nature of our new products,” says Dave Froker, CEO of The Stanton Group. “DJs, musicians and producers who use Stanton gear are those who expect sophisticated technology combined with strength, reliability and ease of use. The new industrial design of our new mixers, CD players, and turntables is in line with our customers’ contemporary style, as is the dynamic feel and modern simplicity of the new Stanton logo.”

Stanton’s recently updated product line implements a new industrial design that makes use of multi-textured aluminum and innovative displays and metering. All of the company’s new products (including the T-Series turntables, M-Series mixers and C-Series CD players) offer a consistent design that is attractive, contemporary and built for the rigors of high performance.

The new Stanton logotype uses the corporate colors of charcoal gray and cyan in a bold, all lower case style with semi-wide tracking. The excitement of the company’s direction and recent product introductions is captured via the highlighting on the word “on” within the name Stanton, and the “o” is made up of the international “1/0” symbol for powering electronics devices.

Stanton’s new industrial design and corporate identity were developed by The Brewery, a business and creative firm located in London. “We are especially pleased with our work for Stanton,” says Brewery Managing Partner Peter Phillips. “To be able to look at both the corporate and product identity at the same time allowed us to create a new look for Stanton which reflects the values and aspirations of the company as it is now and how it wants to look in the future.”

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