Sep 28, 2023

Cambria Detken New Release Hits The Shelves

Published Nov 14, 2008

Today is the release of the debut CD “Simply Said” by Cambria Detken. This 16 year old Orange County California resident sold out the OC Pavilion with her November 8th release concert. She wowed the audience with her soulful, warm, and inspirational sound. She is a singer songwriter and guitarist with self written songs about everyday life that everyone can relate to.

Laguna Niguel teen Cambria Detken is using her voice to make a difference. After watching the Invisible Children documentary at Sage High School, Cambria knew that her record release concert and party had to help the children in northern Uganda in a big way.


"After seeing that these children absolutely need everybody’s help, I immediately bought my own copy and had my family sit down to watch it," said Cambria. "The film impacted them in the same way and we all decided that we had to find a way to help."


The non-profit organization works to raise awareness and provide support for the people in northern Uganda, who have suffered through Africa's longest-running war where children have become both the weapons and the victims to a rebel army. With the help of Cambria and her friends, a voice of hope will bring relief to an invisible conflict.


To hear a sample of her music, go to, iTunes, Amazon, or

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