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Peavey Hosts Military Sound Seminar For U.S. Airmen

Published Oct 30, 2003

Peavey Int'l. Headquarters—Peavey Electronics Corporation welcomed airmen from United States Air Force bases around the world to Peavey International Headquarters Sept. 22-24 for the Peavey Military Sound Seminar.
The seminar attendees, who came to Peavey from as far away as Germany, learned how to properly set up, calibrate and operate sound reinforcement equipment. Many of the airmen in attendance are responsible for setting up and operating sound equipment for various military operations, from Change of Command ceremonies to air shows for thousands of people, and the seminar taught them the fundamentals and even some tricks for creating ideal sound reinforcement situations.

Perhaps the most intriguing of these topics involved acoustics, proper placement of loudspeakers in various acoustic spaces and how to overcome acoustical disadvantages. Senior Peavey Clinician Marty McCann demonstrated how the Peavey Feedback Ferret® digital automatic feedback eliminator can ensure that their sound systems achieve as much gain as possible without feedback in nearly any situation. The Feedback Ferret automatically eliminates feedback without sacrificing tonal quality by pinpointing and limiting the exact frequencies that cause feedback. This design allows the Feedback Ferret to apply the correct amount of filtration without muddying the sound.

"We also went over specific problematic applications, such as how to get the best clarity with wireless lapel microphones," said McCann. "Military officers commonly use lapel mics when
addressing their troops, and usually in less-than-ideal acoustic environments such as aircraft hangars. These large, metal buildings present unique acoustical challenges due to high levels of reverberation and numerous reflective surfaces, such as aircraft."

One of the seminar's secondary goals was to expose the military personnel to the audio field in general, and to show them that there may be opportunities for them to pursue a career in audio when they are finished serving their country. "(This seminar) confirmed that audio would be my dream job," said Airman First Class Shane Miller.

Added McCann, "The response has been so favorable that we've decided to host another Military Sound Seminar in 2004. And, due to requests, we're adding an extra day so we can delve deeper into sound reinforcement." The 2004 Peavey Military Sound Seminar will be held July 12-15 at Peavey International Headquarters in Meridian.

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