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New DJ Magazine Is The Full Meal

Published Jul 26, 2003

Forward thinking is how KC Kokoruz, publisher of DJ Entertainer Magazine, puts it in his premier issue which hits the newsstands and the mail boxes of over 59,000 DJs in North America very soon. DJE joins two prominent paper DJ publications already out there, Mobile Beat and DJTimes. Both of which have a combined subscription base of around 20,000 DJs.

KC, good luck my brother with your new venture.

Some writers from the past have been brought back in DJ Entertainer such as heavyweight writers Andy Ebon and Dan McKay. Both from the annals of writer history of DJTimes and Mobile Beat magazines. Even Night Club & Bar writer Bernie Howard makes an appearance with an in-depth article on speaker compression. DJzone has been told it is in the works to bring back other popular MIA DJ magazine writers that have been on sabbaticals over the past years.

As with most new publications, there are a limited amount of ads and a ton of content. Over 60% of it's 40 pages are articles that are real meat and potatoes or a heavy salad that won't leave you hungry. This is definitely not the tiramisu shuffled in with a ton of whip cream adverts. Even if the percentages are skued to a heavier mix of ads, how can anyone really complain, it's FREE!

This is not the first attempt of someone new producing a DJ publication. Last year, DJ Reporter, a grassroots DJ newspaper which premiered at Summer NAMM like DJ Entertainer, was produced in a limited run but never really seemed to get off the ground. Talks of a full production issue were batted around by it's publisher Professor Jam, but it never seemed to take off. The Professor has mentioned that his publication has gone through some restructuring and now that there has been a few management changes he will go to press soon.

KC, good luck my brother with your new venture.

For your free copy of DJ Entertainer go to their website at www.djentertainermag.com (US & Canada only)

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