Apr 13, 2024

New Canadian DJ Search Engine

Published Jul 25, 2003

A true search engine, dedicate for disc jockeys in Canada, has finally opened its doors!

Glenn Miller an internet savy DJ icon has just released a site, which will bring Canadian Professional DJs to the forefront! His site djsearch.ca is the only truely 100% Canadian owned search site for Canadian DJs. So for all those Canook DJs that feel keeping things at home are important you might wish to check it out.

This is not a free search engine, where any Tom, Rick, or Harry can sign up. It is styled after the old Goto.com, a Pay per Click advertising site. It's goal is to feed thousands of outside internet search engines each month. For a $25.00 start up deposit, you bid where you want to be on the search engine.

You may also buy Featured Spots or Banners! No more paying for impressions, you pay only for those who click through to your site. You can even join our affiliate program, and earn credits towards your advertising campaign, or earn commission checks!

For Our Grand Opening they will be offering a one time special until September 1st, all those who sign up and deposit a minimum of $25.00 (Canadian) to start their account, I will match them dollar for dollar to double their credit ( you put down $50.00, I give you an additional $50.00 credit)!

Bookmark this site now and increase your business! http://www.partypros.com

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