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Taffer on Marketing the DJ Experience

Published Dec 22, 2015
John Taffer
John Taffer

Mobile Beat welcomes Jon Taffer, the tough-talking “fixer” of SpikeTV’s Bar Rescue, as the Celebrity Keynote for MBLV20, the 20th Anniversary Mobile Beat Las Vegas event. His presentation will focus on how the growing trend of “Experience Marketing” can benefit serious DJ businesses. Just like nightclub owners, DJ/entrepreneurs can learn to go beyond simply selling services to promoting and providing a complete “experience” for their clients–and Taffer will show how. Come to MBLV20 to catch his powerful presentation, participate in a Q&A and enjoy an extended meet and greet on Wednesday of Mobile Beat Las Vegas.

Mr. Taffer draws on experience gained during decades in hospitality management, expertise that led to a position at the pinnacle of that industry as president of the Nightclub & Bar Media Group.

MBLV20 marks not only 20 years of Mobile Beat Las Vegas events, but also 25 years of the magazine that was the launch pad for the DJ industry’s leading educational/trade event. Don’t miss the celebration, at the New Tropicana Las Vegas, March 14-17, 2016. Register now at

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