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MB’s Fantastic Four: Each Day to Feature a Dynamite MC

Published Dec 28, 2015

2015’s Mobile Beat Las Vegas event revolutionized the way DJ conferences are presented, blowing away expectations with its hosts and DJs, and adding exciting production values to its high-quality presentations and workshops. Hosts Bill Hermann and Jason Jones of the Entertainment Experience, DJ Jason Jani, Jeremy Brech on lighting, and Jake Feldman and his BCP Live production crew, came together to create a truly amazing experience.

For 2016’s #MBLV20 anniversary celebration, we are raising the bar one more step. The solid production team returns to work their magic once again, while out front, the faces and voices of the event will be hosts/MCs of previous Mobile Beat shows. On each of MBLV’s four days, one of these fantastic MCs will be on stage working with the presenters and other industry members/DJs to bring you a fresh Mobile Beat experience, celebrating 20 years of MBLV and 25 years of Mobile Beat Magazine.


Bill Hermann will be starting things out on Monday. Bill’s sensational MBLV19 appearance and deep experience in hosting, DJing, acting and production made him an obvious choice as one of the four MCs.

Next up will be John Rozz, who was the MC of the first MBLV show in 1998, and has graced the stage of many daytime and nighttime Mobile Beat events since then. John is a one-of-a-kind, energetic showman who specializes in interactive dances and entertaining. He’s one DJ who certainly doesn’t act his age!

Third in line is Jimmy “Lucky” Johnson who entertained and coordinated activities at MBLV and MB summer shows for many years. Jimmy will bring his great sense of humor and his impeccable MC skills to bear on Wednesday of the show.

For the last day’s grand finale, we are going all the way back to the beginning and bringing in Michael Buonaccorso, the creator of Mobile Beat Las Vegas, for his “victory lap” after the amazing success of MBLV19 and two decades at the helm of the DJ industry’s leading events.

So get ready to celebrate the past — and prepare for the future of DJing — at Mobile Beat Las Vegas!

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