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DJTimes Int'l DJ Expo On The Horizon

Published Jul 26, 2003

Remember this place and remember these dates - Atlantic City Convention Center in Atlantic City, N.J., August 25-28.

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Why? The DJTimes International DJ Expo is returning, and everyone involved with the DJ industry - club and mobile jocks, producers and remixers, manufacturers and retailers - has something to gain from it. Produced since 1990 by DJ Times magazine and its publisher Testa Communications, the DJ Expo is the longest running and most successful DJ-specific trade show and exhibition in America. In 2002, nearly 4,500 DJs from all over North America participated. At a time when most trade shows and conventions are slipping numbers-wise, the DJ Expo has managed to maintain its strong footing and continue to present a consistently vital industry show.

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The first and most obvious benefit is the Expo's networking opportunities. Nothing beats picking the brains of DJs from other towns to find new methods for success in your market. For exhibitors, they can use the Expo as the world's most-targeted focus group to find out exactly what the industry wants. If you ever wondered why certain companies seem to "get it" more than others when it comes to the DJ industry, chances are they learned by speaking to professional jocks at the International DJ Expo.

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Of course, the Expo's vast exhibit hall shows DJs the latest products to hit the industry - mixers, turntables, digital media, sound reinforcement, lights, specialty items, etc. Expo attendees can be the first DJs in their prospective areas to put their hands on new products from the industry's major manufacturers and distributors. Also, manufacturer's demo rooms allow for a more private and hands-on experience.

This year's loaded schedule of 30 seminars and workshops will offer discussion on hot topics that impact all DJs - like digital music. In Gary Deane's "MP3 & Beyond: Digital Music for DJs," for example, the longtime DJ Times contributor will examine the ever-changing legalities for digital DJs and the latest products aimed at them. The schedule also includes concentrated topics for mobile DJs ("Lessons of Mobile Vets: 120 Years of Experience"), club jocks ("Get This Party Started: Promoting Your Own Club Night"), producer/remixers ("Production 101: Studio Setup & Concepts"), plus DJs of all stripes ("DJ Gear & Maintenance").

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And the Expo's parties have become legendary. The annual Promo Only/Pioneer Party - set this year for August 26 - is a DJ bacchanalia, which includes spin-offs, giveaways and more. Our "DJ of the Year" competition, presented at the Expo's two "Mobile Parties" (set this year for August 25 and 27), attendees share and learn the industry's newest moves for use at a variety of mobile events. At night, the DJ Expo presents America's hottest DJs and dance-music artists performing exclusive showcases for attendees.

In all, the International DJ Expo is an experience that anyone who is serious about the DJ industry can't afford to miss.

As a DJzone reader you can obtain a Full Expo Pass for the special coupon rate of $149 by registering today. Use registration code DJN0803.

Register NOW! http://www.djtimes.com/

Regular Price: $249 till August 22nd, $299 on-site

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