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Win a $15,000 DJ System at the Int'l DJ EXPO!

Published Jul 25, 2003

The Ultimate DJ System is valued at more then $15,000.
Don't miss the DJTimes Expo and Your Chance to win Big!

All attendees of the DJTimes International DJ Expo have a chance of winning this incredible system. Just hand in your business card at registration and you could win $15,000 worth of gear!

On August 28th at 3:00 pm in the Sound and Lighting Hall, one business card will be pulled out of a hat at the "Ultimate DJ System" booth and that person will win this system. All that is required is that you are registered for the DJ Expo and be present to win. One person will win the entire system.

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Sennheiser EW135 Wireless Microphone
Sennheiser offers its EW135 wireless microphone system. This system uses the industry-standard e835 dynamic mic capsule, Sennheiser's HDX companding circuit, and a unique set of features that set it apart from the competition. These include 1280 available frequencies, all-metal construction, true diversity reception, and 30mW of transmission power. The result is bullet-proof transmission and outstanding sound quality.

Sennheiser HD280 Pro Headphones
Sennheiser also offers its HD280 Pro headphones. The HD280 Pro boasts extremely robust construction combined with extensive features that meet the requirements of today's most demanding applications. The unique collapsible design combined with swiveling ear cups, offers maximum flexibility in any application.

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The Special Edition Rane Empath Mixer
Rane offers its Special Edition Empath mixer. The Empath mixer combines the vision of Grandmaster Flash and Rane technology. Compact size, exceptional performance and advanced features set the Empath mixer apart. The Empath is the most able 3-channel, 10" format mixer available. The name implies: understanding, awareness and sensitivity to the needs of DJs. The special edition also comes with a custom Calzone case.

Win a $15,000 DJ System at the Int'l DJ EXPO!-Body-6

Promo Only DVDs
Promo Only offers the amazing three-pound Optoma EzPro 730 HDTV compatible projector to go along with a full year subscription to their DVD Programming. Promo Only DVDs are produced using uncompressed PCM audio (better than CD quality) and the best authoring equipment available. Promo Only has six separate DVD formats and many specialty discs to choose from to meet your programming needs, each delivered to your doorstep month after month after month.

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Pioneer CMX - 3000 Dual CD Player
Pioneer offers its CMX-3000 dual cd player. This player boasts a feature set including a wave display (world's first!), onboard memory, BPM sync'd hot cues (world's first!), pitch bend, Tempo range up to +/- 100 %, emergency loop function (world's first!), and a scratch mode. The CMX-3000 also features Pioneer's Legato Link D/A converter for butter smooth digital playback.

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PDT-6000 Turntables
Gemini offers a pair of their PDT-6000 turntables. The PDT-6000 turntable enables you to take DJing to the next level with an exclusive and unique feature of a separate Key control fader. This fader enables the DJ to change the "KEY" of the music without affecting the Pitch. With a super high-torque motor, master tempo, Brake and Torque adjustment, BPM counter and up to 35% pitch, this turntable sets a new standard in the DJ industry.

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Furman Sound PL-PRO DM Power Conditioner
Furman Sound offers its PL-PRO DM power conditioner, the flagship of the "metered six" series of power conditioners. This unit's 20 amp/2400 watt rating handles even the largest power amps. Its multiple levels of protection components can safely absorb large spikes and provides highly effective RFI/EMI filtering. The unit contains 9 outlets; four for analog components, and four with additional filtering for digital components.

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Carver ZR-1600 Power Amplifier
Carver offers its ZR-1600 power amplifier. The ultra-efficient ZR Series from Carver Professional utilizes the Tripath IC to achieve as much as 81% efficiency in a lightweight package backed by a 5 year warranty. The low current draw allows multiple amps to work from a single 20 amp circuit. There's as much as a 45% electricity savings over typical class H amplifiers. There are also 5 accessory input modules available - mic preamp, 4x2 mic/line mixer with phantom power, 2-dual zone paging processors, and a DSP module. The amp is rated at 350W x 2 at 8 ohms, and 600W x 2 at 4 ohms.

Win a $15,000 DJ System at the Int'l DJ EXPO!-Body

American DJ Lighting System
American DJ offers a complete lighting system featuring 2 Light Savers, 1 Reflex, 1 Saga, 1 Strobe Ball, and 1 Rotoball. This system provides ultimate reliablility and flexibility for mobile DJ applications.

Community Professional Loudspeakers
Community Professional Loudspeakers offers its exceptional TD 2215 15" 2-way loudspeaker system. The TD2215 features two of Community's patented Cool-Coil™ 15" speakers, cleverly designed to draw destructive heat away from the voice coil, thus assuring extended high level operation. Cup handles are provided for easy portability, a built in stand socket, and four rigging points further enhance the versatility of this system. Each loudspeaker is backed by Community's Five-Year Warranty.

As a DJzone reader you can obtain a Full Expo Pass for the special coupon rate of $149 by registering today. Use registration code DJN0803.

Register NOW! http://www.djtimes.com/

Regular Price: $249 till August 22nd, $299 on-site

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