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2015 TSE In Review

Published Jan 31, 2015

The staff of DJzone Magazine happened to be guests of the recent Special Event Show or TSE as they like to be called. The show was held in January at the Anaheim convention center, the same place the iconic music show NAMM is held. TSE is focused on the event and wedding planning world. For the people that have taken their DJ company to the next level thus breaking out of the "DJ Box" and offering more than just music, TSE could be the Mecca you are looking for.

Darnyelle A. Jervey
Darnyelle A. Jervey

Rocking over 60 seminars and workshops, the educational line up was a dream for the entry level event/wedding planner and at the same time, catered to those of you that have been in the business for a while. Akin to the popular Las Vegas DJ Show held each year for disc jockeys, TSE is education heavy which makes it very popular with those that attend as it adds value to the investment of both time and money attendees make.

Penton, the driving force behind TSE, is not new to the trade show market. You might be familiar with the LDI lighting show that covers the gamete of stage, show, disco and club lighting. Penton is a class act. The TSE registration moved quickly with knowledgeable well versed staff. Clustered in the Anaheim Marriot event center, the seminars and classes were easy to locate with excellent signage. One thing I need to point out is how on the ball the staff was when it came to changes in the lineup. I noticed that they quickly updated the main listing boards in the hallways when a class was canceled or moved. Something that is overlooked at many tradeshows.

With over 5000 attendees, the TSE is a popular draw for vendors in the exhibits hall. Sporting some 200 vendors displaying their services and wares all in one room, I found the selection and variety one of the best I have seen at an event based trade show. It took us hours to walk and absorb the new tools, décor ideas, and technology. As I write this, I am still sorting through the many brochures and notes that I picked up at TSE.

Let's talk parties. When you are The Special Event Show, the bar is set pretty high when it comes to your night time parties and events. TSE knows this and entrusts these events to top of the line local event companies that scramble to display their best productions ever. The two that I personally attended were the Opening Night Celebration and the Wedding Event.

Street Creatures
Street Creatures

For the Opening Night Celebration, we were all bused to the Anaheim Garden Walk, kind of an open air shopping mall. The production companies themed the area with everything Southern California. Hollywood meets surf, meets street, meets the red carpet. The decor was over the top with street "creatures" walking the area and they even had a live Orange tree (more of a bush). With all the time spent on the decor and entertainment side, someone forgot to tell me and other attendees to eat before we hopped on the bus. Unfortunately, the food was a huge letdown. If we had known it would consist of mostly hors d'oeuvres, we would have had dinner prior to leaving. The food fare consisted of Sprinkles cupcakes and ice cream, fried green tomato sliders, a seafood hushpuppy in a small cup and Johnny Rockets French fries. Placing the food choices aside, the night was fun and relaxing after a long day of learning.

Out of all the extracurricular events TSE offers, the Wedding Event is on my must attend list. It was truly spectacular! The cocktail hour rocked with a live cover band that set the tone of the evening. The staff was top notch and attentive. Who would ever think to decorate with live people, well that is what they did and they pulled it off in a very classy way. As we were ushered into the dining area, you could see the time and work that went into this event. Live musicians dotted stages in the corners of the room and were backed up by a DJ in center court. The spotlit tables each had their own theme with dozens of fresh flowers in their centerpieces. From the first course to the last bite of the molting chocolate cake, the food was beyond amazing. This event was well worth the price of admission.

Molting chocolate cake
Wedding Event
Wedding Event
Live Decor
Live Decor
Wedding Event Performer
Wedding Event Performer

Even if you slightly dare to dip your toe into the event or wedding planning world, TSE should be on your business bucket list. This show is a powerful force  that gives you not only insight, but plenty of take-home ideas and inspirations.

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