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Rise Nightclub, Denver’s Tropical Paradise

Published Jul 3, 2004

Rave Lighting provides Martin Total Supplier package for Denver’s own South Beach getaway

Forget skiing and mountain climbing - citizens of this Rocky Mountain capital can now head to the beach. Well, sort of. Denverites now have their own tropical paradise to visit thanks to Rise nightclub, the Mile-High City’s own sophisticated South Beach getaway.

Modeled after clubs more typical of Miami’s infamous South Beach, Rise is a true tropical-themed mega-club complete with real palm trees, Latin beats, Caribbean Happy Hour and tropical cuisine. The club experience includes all the amenities you would expect from a top-notch club including theatrical entertainment in the form of their very own Theatre Surreal.

Rave Lighting supplied Total Supplier package
As you might expect for a club of this caliber, the lighting and audio systems are first-rate. Rave Lighting of Denver designed and supplied the systems which include a Martin Total Supplier package of Martin lighting, Mach audio and Jem smoke gear. Rave’s Brian Gysegem was instrumental on the project, serving as lighting designer and project manager with assistance from Stephen Cox of Rave. Sound Engineer was Chad Busse.

The club(s)
The three-floor club boasts one of the largest club layouts in Denver’s lower downtown (LoDo) with four dance floors and five separate bars spread across Rise and a pair of sub-venues, the low-key Shadow Lounge and the patio lounge Skybar.

Rise is the main club area, a huge 18,000-sq/ft space that features nationally acclaimed DJ and band entertainment. Here Brian placed MAC 250 profiles and MAC 300 washlights over the main dance floor mounted on five-foot poles in a symmetrical grid front to back. The lights project onto a central four-foot mirror ball and large dancefloor scrim as well as the floor below. Full-house Martin Wizard lights mounted onto adjacent poles fill the dance area with ever-changing effects while powerful Atomic 3000 strobes give the space that extra punch when needed.

Audio in this main dance area consists of 15” Mach M156i 2-way medium-throw speakers with support from 18” Bag End Quartz I subwoofers. At the main bar are 12" Mach 125i 3-way near field installation speakers working together with single 18” Bag End S18E-C subs.

Open from ceiling to floor, this main area incorporates a catwalk from which Jem ZR33 and MDG hazer effects fire, providing the mid-air projection canopy and nightclub ambiance. In a separate dual-level VIP area MiniMAC Profiles provide gobo and pattern looks with Mach 125i’s and six- and twelve-inch Bag End speakers used as audio reinforcement.

Lounge and patio
Shadow Lounge is a ‘club within a club’ overlooking the main dance floor that comes complete with entertainers, dance floor and DJ, making it perfect for specialty parties.

Here, Mach 125i speakers and 18” Bag End subs serve as the audio system.

Skybar, a relaxing 5,000-sq/ft full service patio lounge, is outfitted with couches, tables and beds and has its own entertainment. Here, an MX-10 Extreme is used to project logos and images while audio comes from JBL Contractor Control Series ceiling speakers.

LED lighting
LED lighting from Color Kinetics was also an instrumental part of Brian’s lighting design with 6” ColorBlast located above the main area catwalk; Icove and ColorBlast used in several bar areas including the Shadow Lounge; ColorBlast lighting incorporated into dancepods in the VIP area; and Icove located in exterior windows, top and bottom.

Lighting Designer: Brian Gysegem
Project Manager: Brian Gysegem
Assistant Project Manager: Stephen Cox
Sound Engineer: Chad Busse

MAC 250
MAC 300
MiniMAC Profile
MX-10 Extreme
Atomic 3000 strobe
Color Kinetics LED (Color Blast, Icove)
HES Whole Hog
Mach M125i
Mach M156i
Bag End (6, 12, 18 inch, Quartz I)
JBL Contractor Control Series
Powersoft 3204
Powersoft 7000
BSS Soundweb system (9088 and 9008 network devices)

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