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Martin Lights Xhibition Bar, Harrah’s Atlantic City

Published Jul 27, 2005
Martin Lights Xhibition Bar, Harrah’s Atlantic City-Body
Alien 05’s coordinate with LED and sensual video content to create youthful, attractive atmosphere Sexy and sophisticated is an apt description of Xhibition Bar, Harrah’s new casino floor bar at the Harrah’s Casino in Atlantic City. One step inside shows you why the new bar is the place to see and be seen. Opened on President’s Day weekend the 360 degree bar features the customary slot machines and table games, but it’s a color coordinated lighting and video system that gives the bar its passionate feel. Surrounding more than 300 towering bottles on the interior of the bar are sixteen 50” plasma screens that reveal sensual video content set to pulsating Top 40 metro music. Further in are two rows of Martin Alien 05 color changers - an outer row of 24 plus an inner row of 24 - illuminating liquor bottles on vertical liquor racks. Added to this are four circles of color changing Color Kinetics LED surrounding the bar. In a refined touch that gives the bar its stylish feel, the LED and Aliens are color coordinated with the video on the plasma screens. The Alien 05 lighting was designed by Jon Champelli of the Paul Steelman Design Group, who comments, “As most of Harrah’s patron’s are older adults, and competition for the younger, hip crowd grows, the function of the bar is to attract a more youthful crowd as the bulk of their clientele. “I picked the Alien’s because of the success I had with them at another Harrah’s bar, Harrah’s Rincon Casino & Resort in San Diego. I loved the look of them there - the combination of the color changing and the actual aesthetic look that they have. Color coordination between the LED, the video and Alien 05’s is something that evolved over time, and is still evolving. We’ll end up with 96 different video clips and looks, each between 2 and 4 ½ minutes. “I always appreciate the fact that the Alien’s have such a range of colors to choose from and being able to customize the color wheel is quite helpful.” The Alien programming was completed by Martin’s Bruno Silva along with Jon Champelli. The video, including the audio and software elements, was custom produced for Xhibition Bar by the Chimaera Group who worked with More Media Group. The bar also features 4 Martin MiniMAC Profiles on a straight truss covering a small performance area. Working among a row of Par Cans, the color changing MiniMAC’s are used for events such as tarot cards, speed dating, performers and small bands. Uniquely, the lights can be controlled via four guitar pedals that are linked together and talk to the lighting controller. The performance area lighting was designed by Ron Fogel who worked closely with Jon Champelli. Ron comments, “A band can get 9 different looks and effects with their feet while they’re playing. And the bar keep can run his own bar looks as well. I love those little things. For that application the MiniMAC’s are perfect.” The MiniMAC’s were supplied by Fogel & Associates.

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