Sep 28, 2023

Martin Audio H3H Loudspeakers for Clubs

Published May 21, 2004

Martin Audio’s new H3H (Horizontal) loudspeaker is the latest addition to Martin Audio’s popular Blackline Series, a leading speaker line in clubs, small theaters, and dance venues worldwide.

This high power enclosure employs all of the same horn-loaded components as the H3, but is now available in a horizontal format ideal for venues with low ceilings and a need for superior audio quality.

A trapezoidal three-way bi-amp Hybrid™ design, the H3H is fully horn loaded, with components consisting of a single15in (380mm) horn and reflex-loaded low frequency transducer, a10in (250mm) horn-loaded mid frequency transducer with a ‘phase-ball’ loading device, and a 1in (25mm) exit HF compression driver mounted on a constant directivity horn.

The mid and high frequency sections are integrated by an internal 2kHz passive crossover network and the enclosure is of a multi-laminate birch ply construction.

Flexible enough for a wealth of club and commercial installations requiring high SPL and articulation in a compact, low-profile package, the H3H has multiple inserts to facilitate easy, quick and safe installation

For more information about the H3H and Martin Audio Blackline Series, please call us at 519.747.5853, e-mail, or click to

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