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The best of mainstream and modern rock video now available monthly!

Published Jan 14, 2004

Promo Only, Inc., the nation’s largest provider of promotional music and music video, today announced the addition of Modern Rock Video to its roster of monthly DVD music video selections.
Said Promo Only director, Jim Robinson, of Promo Only’s decision to expand their range of choices: “In our most recent state-of-the-art address, given at last year’s International DJ Expo, we made a prediction that this year would be the year of the VJ. We based that call on the ever growing number of those successfully making the move to music video; on the swelling ranks of existing VJs, eager for quality content, crossing over to Promo Only; and on the unprecedented low prices currently available on a wide variety of video gear.
“Today, with 2004 underway, we stand by that call. All signs remain go for music video. In fact, as music video continues its move towards the mainstream affairs that constitute the majority of DJ events, it’s our firm belief that those who continue to maximize their opportunities will be those who continue to offer the widest range of video selections.
“And so we’re very pleased to announce the launch of our newest music video series: Modern Rock Video!”
Offering the best in breaking mainstream and modern rock videos, Modern Rock Video signals the eighth format to grace the Promo Only video catalog. Other monthly categories include Hot Video (top 40), Pop Mix Video (top 40 in a continuously mixed format), Club Video (dance and Euro-dance), Dance Mix Video (dance and Euro-dance in a continuously mixed format), Latin Video, Country Video and Urban Video (featuring both edited and unedited versions).
For more information on Promo Only’s music or music video products, contact Promo Only by phone at 407-331-3600 or by email at For information on Promo Only’s custom in-house music video remixing services, we invite you to contact Promo Only video program manager, Nick Allard at

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