Jul 30, 2021

Promo Only voted Best Record Pool/Promotional Service!

Published Apr 3, 2007

Promo Only, Inc., the industry’s complete source for music and music video, is pleased to announce it is the recipient of the 2007 International Dance Music Association’s (IDMA) coveted Best Record Pool/Promo Service award.

Results were drawn from ballots cast by industry professionals nationwide, and announced March 22, 2007 before an international audience of artists, DJs and industry professionals at Miami, Florida’s prestigious Winter Music Conference 2007.

“To be so recognized by our peers is, to say the least, very gratifying,” said Pete Werner, executive program director, Promo Only. “As is winning this new category upon our first nomination. But our deepest thanks goes out to the DJs and VJs who cast their ballot for Promo Only each time they reach for a Promo Only CD or DVD. We’re extremely honored by the support our subscribers have shown us through the years.”

Also taking home the gold was Promo Only Promotion’s Cary Vance, winner of this year’s Best Independent Promoter Award. This year’s award marks the third IDMA award for Vance in the independent promotion category in the last four years.

Former Promo Only programmer, Dave Dresden, half of the production duo Gabriel & Dresden, was nominated in four categories; and took top honors in two: Best Alternative/Rock Dance Track and Best American DJ.

For further information regarding Promo Only, or for details concerning any Promo Only product, contact Promo Only by phone at 407-331-3600 or by email at customerservice@promoonly.com.

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