Mar 2, 2024

PrimeCuts now only available directly through TM Studios

Published Feb 3, 2010

When PrimeCuts was first launched over 9 years ago we partnered up with some websites who sold PrimeCuts subscriptions. A while back we made the decision to only sell direct. So, effective 1/1/10, the only way to get PrimeCuts is to get it directly through TM Studios.

Many of the DJs who signed up for PrimeCuts through one of those websites have switched over to getting their PrimeCuts through us. However, we know some people were just notified, even though there service ended at the end of '09. We apologize the 3rd party company didn't let you know sooner and we will do our best to make the transition as easy as possible for any one who still needs to switch their account over to us.

So, if you previously signed up for a PrimeCuts subscription through anyone except us (which over the years has been a few company names...TM Century, JonesTM and TM Studios) and you want to resume your subscription please contact me and we'll get it set-up for you.

**To any current subscribers: If you signed up through TM Century, JonesTM or TM Studios you are ok and your subscription will continue as usual. This only affects anyone who signed up for a PrimeCuts subscription through a 3rd party reseller website.**

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