Dec 2, 2023

New CD Club Format!

Published Aug 7, 2004

Urban Club joins the Promo Only roster as its seventh club series, rounding out our monthly selection of mainstream, underground, alternative, rhythmic and import formats with a unique and decidedly Urban offering.

It's a feeling of coming full circle. Back in 1992, Promo Only was created because, as DJs ourselves, we saw an incredible void in the industry -- DJs simply weren't able to get their hands on the extended 12" mixes needed for club mixing. Today, due to similar growing pains within the industry, DJs are again finding themselves out of the loop - unable to access the extended mixes, instrumentals and acapellas [vocals with no music] that were once the staple of the mixing industry. With Urban Club, that's all about to change.

Designed specifically for the Urban digital turntablist, Urban Club offers the extended club versions, remixes, instrumentals and acapellas that allow the DJ who mixes the ability to create their own signature versions.

Each issue offers a two CD set featuring 10-to-12 tracks on each CD featuring the Club version or remix of a song on one CD, and its instrumental and acapella on the second [CD] -- creating, in effect, the CD equivalent of the extended 12" vinyl once so popular with DJs.

This is the stuff that sets your top-flight DJ apart. Stuff that previously has only been available to a select few. Once again we're prepared to make the average DJ a true insider.

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