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Move Over Craig David, It’s The Girl’s Time To Shine

Published Oct 30, 2003

Step aside Craig David, having hogged the limelight first two years of this millennium notably 2000 and 2001. Kamari a singer/songwriter looks forward to joining the ranks of a slew of UK females such as Ms Dynamite who had 2002 to herself plus many awards, are now coming to the fore along with Lisa Maffia, Terri Walker, Mis-teeq and now returning back Jamelia.

Kamari is a newly signed artist to Frofar records, her debut single “I won’t let U get 2 me”, is scheduled for autumn release. Her song mirrors the bitchiness, backstabbing of others and an attempted break up of a relationship. Whilst persevering and getting on with your own life and not letting others get to you, putting you off your own goals and dreams.

This track has her teaming up with Richie D’rell producer from Richproductionsworld who has produced music for the likes of US rapper Nelly, male r’n’b singer Ginuwine and other US acts. The combination of her voice and lyrics are expertly crafted with his production genius and signified with the use of a melodic lightly played guitar, that adds a depth and a touch, not heard for a long time and definitely different from all the above mentioned UK females.

Her influences include Mary J Blige, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu and Cindy Lauper, her inspiration for writing come from feelings, thoughts and personal experiences. With a deep desire to communicate and express, on an emotional, soulful and thought provoking level.

Currently, Kamari is working on finishing her album scheduled for spring release; she is managed by Frofar entertainment.

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