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Beatport Launched

Published Jan 18, 2004

Beatport.com, the first authentic online record shop experience designed by DJs for DJs, has launched. Beatport.com provides quick, secure and legal high quality downloads of dance music in various formats including mp3, mp4, and Wav files on a pay per download basis. Beatport is the first website where DJs can load their hard drives with their favorite tracks from all genres of electronic music.

"It goes without saying that the leaders of the dance industry are backing Beatport. Everyone from the top labels, clubs, and artists, including myself, are lining up to get on board," said Bad Boy Bill, president of IHR Records voted 2003 #1 DJ in America by BPM Magazine. "No other site represents the heart and soul of the DJ quite like Beatport. From the second you log on, you know that they¹ve nailed the vibe of the nightclub."

Beatport was created to support and represent the dance community. By partnering with only the best labels on the scene, Beatport is bringing the music to the masses. The goal is to make it easier and quicker for DJs around the globe to get the music they love. Customers who¹ve always wanted to feel like "the man" behind the decks can now get their hands on the music they¹ve always wanted from a site that knows the feeling. Beatport understands what the DJ culture wants and needs ­ it is the music.

The site contains genre-specific community forums; Top 10 lists from the industry¹s most notable DJs, clubs, and labels; an instant messaging service; new release notification emails that can be customized for particular customer music preferences; and instant downloading, a feature that speeds up the purchasing process so users can download their tracks instantaneously without the check-out process.

Debuting in the coming months are a "Set Designer" that creates a custom play list based on the desired length of the set, preferred genres or BPM range; a Promo Delivery System designed for labels to promote their new releases to Beatport members; a White Label Warehouse subscription-based service which allows Beatport members to preview and purchase exclusive or promo tracks before they are released to the public; and Club Landing pages, where users can access current information about the world¹s top clubs, including upcoming events, photos, tickets, features and more.

All the top players in the dance music industry, those who stand for the integrity of the DJ, are seeking to align with Beatport. Beatport is partnering with a software development company to manufacturer DJ technology and music/audio software. In the near future, this partnership will be developing innovative tools to benefit the DJ community. The possibilities of things to come are limitless.

About Beatport
The DJ culture is built into the DNA of Beatport. The site was designed and produced from scratch by a select team of DJs and promoters who have lived and breathed dance music since the beginning. Every aspect of its design, marketing and merchandising is fueled by the same energy that pushes people to the dance floor. Beatport has captured the experience of playing at a packed club for a sea of clubbers. With in-house A&R, engineering, sales and marketing, Beatport is a self-contained business out of Denver, Colorado.

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Shawn Sabo, shawn@beatport.com, 720.932.9103.

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