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Beatport Announces Version 2.0 of their Online Music Store

Published Nov 1, 2004

Beatport announced today Beatport Version 2.0, the second generation of their online music store. Along with many significant improvements to the user interface, added navigation options, and a major upgrade to the embedded audio player; Beatport 2.0 offers more than 20 new features created specifically to better serve online dance music shoppers. Version 2.0 also includes the capability to be syndicated to other URL’s, greatly expanding the Beatport’s consumer reach.

Corresponding with 2.0 and in association with their new partner Native Instruments, Beatport will offer a free software audio player based on Traktor, Native Instruments computer based DJ solution. The Traktor Beatport Player allows users to play back and mix all of their digital audio files as well as organize and catalog their collection into playlists and libraries. Additionally, the software supports playback of Traktor mix files, which recreate a pre-recorded DJ performance from a set of regular audio files.

“We are continually striving to evolve and improve our content and service. Beatport 2.0 represents a complete make over of the Beatport user’s shopping experience. As evidenced by our new site and our partnerships with the industry’s leading companies like Native Instruments and Stanton, Beatport has significantly raised the standard by offering the most relevant, integrated, hassle-free, online solution for DJs and consumers looking to purchase up-front club music.” – Jonas Tempel, CEO Beatport.

Beatport 2.0 enhancements include:

1. Added support for video, Ringtones, DJ mix files, and 320 kpbs bit rate MP3s

2. The launch of the Free Traktor Beatport Player in conjunction with Native Instruments

3. A user customizable section allowing subscription to label or artist releases

4. A new GUI interface offers easier navigation of the music library

5. Syndication of specific music to third party URL’s

6. Additional tools to our label partners


Availability:: Beatport 2.0 and syndication of third party sites will be available to the public in Mid November 2004. This new web based application is optimized for Windows, Mac OS and linux computer systems. The Free Traktor Beatport Player launch will correspond.

About Beatport:: Beatport was created as the first authentic digital music store designed to service the maturing digital culture, redefining how DJs and fans obtain their music. Beatport.com provides secure, legal, hi-speed, high-quality downloads in MP3, MP4 and WAV formats on a pay-per-download basis. With hundreds of labels and thousands of users worldwide, Beatport is recognized as the leader in online digital dance music.

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