Dec 7, 2023

Promo Only Productions works with Jive and Epic Records

Published Sep 13, 2003

CALGARY, NEW YORK: Promo Only Productions, a division of Promo Only is pleased to announce the signing of two new projects. Three remixes of the new Justin Timberlake single "Senorita" to Jive Records along with a remix of the Ginuwine single "In Those Jeans" to Epic Records.

"We have had the good fortune of working with both Jive and Epic in the past and are very pleased that they keep coming back to us, it speak volumes to the caliber of our teams work and the flexibility our teams offer the labels," says Michael Godfrey, Radio and Label Relations Manager.

Promo Only Productions Director Dean Ernst said, "Jive Records signed two Dr. Octavo mixes for "Senorita," The Bonita & 2 - Step Mix along with the GW-1 Radio Mix, while Epic picked up for "In Those Jeans" the Dr. Octavo XXL Radio & Extended Mixes," stated Ernst. "We have been mentioning Dr. Octavo a lot lately. He is a huge talent who is really starting to turn some heads," says Dean Ernst, Director Promo Only Productions.

Promo Only Productions represents remix teams in the U.S., Canada and Europe, and works with Record Companies to meet their needs for new mixes on existing songs. Since its inception in August 2002, Promo Only Productions teams have done remixes for Arista Records, Atlantic Records, BMG Music, Epic Records, Jive Records, Virgin Records and Universal Music. This includes artists such as Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez and Justin Timberlake, just to name a few.

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