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Solid DJ Management Software

Published Oct 26, 2004

DJ Manager announces Version 2.6.10 of their popular DJ business management software. DJ Manager is an easy to learn software solution that assists DJs with tasks ranging from booking, contracting and billing clients to cataloging music and music list creation. Designed by DJs, DJ Manager effectively allows a DJ to manage every aspect of their business from their local in office computer without fear of data loss. Steve Rothkin explains, "Integrated options allow complete local backing up of data which can be stored in a safe place."

For a limited time DJs may purchase and own this software at a 10% discount by using coupon code DJZ4 when placing their order at http://www.djmgr.com .

Scott Faver, Game Master and President of The Party Favers has this to
say about DJ Manager:

DJ Manager has been the best business decision we ever made.
Now with one program, DJ Manager, we have one place to keep
track of our Clients, Events, Leads, Business Trends, Fax
Numbers and Email Addresses.

It allows our office staff to produce professional form
letters, emails and marketing material. All that can be easily
printed, emailed or faxed from DJ Manager.

Training time for new office staff has been kept to a minimum
with a flexible and user friendly interface. No longer do we
need to learn or train staff on three or more programs with
duplication of data. DJ Manager does it all!

Tech support is OUTSTANDING! And regular updates with great
new features keep our business running smoothly. Now I can
focus on the party and customer service. I highly recommend
you get DJ Manager now!

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