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New Lights




Reaction Attraction

Don't let its cute, unassuming appearance fool you; this game is a real killer if you're not lightning fast. A player stands underneath a colorful 9' dome. The opponent stands in front of a control panel pressing buttons in random order. This causes blue drops to fall from the perimeter of the dome. You have to think and react quickly to catch more drops than your competitor. This game can be themed many ways by changing the backdrop and objects.

Suggested Retail Price $5295

Strata Ball

Strata Ball adds a whimsical appearance to any event. The game is played with 4 - 10' tall cylinders colored red, blue, green and yellow. Four - 4' diameter super bouncy balls (one of each color) are distributed to the teams. The starter blows his whistle and the race is on! The first team member begins dribbling one of the 52" diameter, super-pressurized balls through a series of cones towards the cylinders.

Suggested Retail Price $4795


Remember the great kid's game Operation, where you had to remove different parts of anatomy from "Cavity Sam" this rolly polly guy with a bad hair cut. If you weren't careful, and touched the metal sides of one of the cavities, you lit up his nose and set off a buzzer. Well, now the patient is over eight feet long! "Teams of doctors" armed with giant tweezers try to remove different body parts at the same time. The team with the faster and more accurate surgeons wins.

Suggested Retail Price $4395




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