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 Market With Your Own Color

 by Dr. Kevin Nunley

Biologists tell us that only a few animals can see color. Of course, humans are one of those special creatures.

As a savvy marketer, you won't want to take this ability to see color for granted. It's important to people (even if we don't often stop to think about it).

It's much easier to remember something if you can associate a color with it. Expensive advertising campaigns will often work to connect a color with a company name. Coca-cola has long used the color "red" in their marketing. Hertz likes to use "yellow".

Pick a color for your business and use it in all your marketing materials. My website used to be centered around the color yellow. Later I changed it to red.

Using a chosen color over and over in your marketing also helps to tie your messages together. It stamps your promotional pieces with their own identity.

In the days before most people could read, an arrangement of colors could signify a name. It still works.

by Sid Vanderpool

Why Color

Consider this. You wake up one morning and everything around you is in black and white. You drive down the street and all the houses are shades of gray. You buy a hamburger and it to is gray and black. What a drab boring world it would be. Color brings things to life. It demands attention and gets it. Everywhere you look copy shops are offering color copies.

With todays new technologies the prices of having custom two color or even full color brochures and business cards is well within a DJ companies budget. Even if your local printers are still a little pricey when it comes to color, large print firms can be found nationwide that specialize in short run "gang" printed business cards and brochures. They can offer great discounts over local printers because they are using some of the largest presses around and your order is "ganged" on a large sheet of paper along with a dozen or so full color orders from other clients. Some printers can gang up to 200 different business cards on a sheet print them and cut them and deliver them to your door for half of what your local printer can do. One other thing to look at could be specialty DJ pieces that are offered by companies like Breakthrough Marketing. They offer a full line of DJ related full color brochures, newsletters, and cards. More printing tips

Look at the two brochures. As you see they are the same except for one is in color and the other has been converted into black and white. Both have the same information. Both are printed on the same high quality gloss paper. Of these two which stands out the best? Color right?

Color on everything?

Say you do a regular mailing to 30 schools in your area. This mailing is targeted at different functions and organizations each time you send it out. It definitely would not be cost effective to purchase full color pieces for each mailing. What do you do? Most laser printers print only black toner you can only ad color by changing the paper color for around 20 cents a piece. Don't be shy use bright fluorescences to attract attention. Another way to approach this would be to do up your flyers in color on your computer and print them on your inkjet printer at a cost of about dollar a piece or take your disk into a quick copy shop and have them print them on their color copier for around 50 cents each.

Exceptions to full color

Every now and then someone comes along with an eye for design and they can give us a piece that really looks good in black and white. The piece below is one of them, but it has it's secrets. It is really a color piece. You may not be able to see it but it has a third "color" printed over the top. This color is an aqueous coating or varnish that can be seen if you hold it just right. Small subliminal pictures of brides, party hats, CDs, and toasting glasses have been printed with this invisible varnish to give a black and white piece a classy look.

Sid Vanderpool has been in the DJ business for over 20 years. During which he has also been a print/prepress computer consultant for Idaho print businesses. He has trained award winning designers on the use of Corel Draw, Page Maker, Photoshop etc. and has spoken at Dj conventions for the past 10 years on marketing. Recently he has moved into the Internet world starting the largest DJ related network on the web His popular hosting service and insight has helped him grown from having one server hosting Dj sites to have two servers in less than 2 months.



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