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Winter NAMM 2003
Stanton Premieres New 
Final Scratch Cd Adaptor Kit

-- New System Allows Any CD Player to Work with Final Scratch System --

LOS ANGELES, JANUARY 16, 2003 - Stanton is proud to announce the introduction of the Final Scratch CD Adaptor Kit. This new system converts any CD deck into a Final Scratch-compatible player, opening up a whole new world of hard-disk based mixing and scratching to CD jocks, much the way Final Scratch has done for vinyl DJs.

The Final Scratch CD Adaptor Kit works via a special switch box and two time-coded CDs that are over 60 minutes in length. Once a DJ places the special CDs into his CD players and connects the switch box, he can mix and scratch various types of audio files from a connected Mac or PC, completely eliminating the need to carry CDs to gigs. The FS CD Adaptor Kit also allows for scratching, seamless loops and hot starts.

The Final Scratch CD Adaptor Kit gives CD jocks the exact same power as their vinyl Final Scratch bretheren, including the retrieval of any and all standard audio files from a computer hard drive, including MP3, WAV and AIFF.

It allows easily searching and assigning of music to either (or both) CD decks, and provides a visual representation of the music with exact markers. Virtual Record Boxes with an improved Search function allow for easy arrangement and sorting of music. And integrated track mixing and track organization further enhance this impressive package. MSRP: $99.00




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