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Three New Turntables from Vestax




DJ/professional audio products manufacturer Vestax has added three new turntables to its expanding line of DJ products.

Handytrax is a portable turntable with integral case and carrying handle, and features a balanced tone arm that will play back at almost any angle. The innovative Handytrax allows DJs and vinyl enthusiasts to enjoy their music anywhere, any time. DJs shopping for new vinyl can now bring their own listening system to audition records prior to purchase.

Durable enough for heavy professional use, the Handytrax features a belt-driven 3-speed platter (33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM), pitch and tone control, and a built-in 4W power amp and speaker. The turntable includes line in, line out, and headphone out for maximum flexibility. It can be battery-powered or run on a 12V adaptor (included). The unit measures 14.57" x 10.24" x 3.74" and weighs 5.51lbs. The Handytrax lists for $199 US.

The PDX-01 introduces a new concept in professional turntables with a sleek, compact circular design. Featuring the Anti-Skip Tone arm System (ASTS) with height adjustment up to 0.35", a unique anti-vibration mount to minimize howl, as well as +/-10% pitch control, the PDX-01 is suitable for professional applications in any environment. The unit measures 17.87" (W) x 6.378" (H) x 14.37" (D). List price is TBA.

The new PDX-2300 turntable represents the next generation in development of the successful PDX-2000, and is aimed at both the modern DJ and the vinyl connoisseur. A digital readout allows precision pitch adjustment with +/-50% pitch control on a fader plus an additional +/10% with a fine pitch control. 1, 2, 3, and 6% momentary pitch-bend is also provided. The PDX-2300 includes all the other features of its predecessor, including the advanced motor design and innovative tone arm, and an upgrade kit is available for existing PDX-2000 owners. List price is TBA.

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