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Syntrillium Debuts "Lounge & Reggae" Loop CD

At the Winter NAMM show, Syntrillium Software introduced "Lounge & Reggae," a two-CD library of more than 3,500 music production loops performed by professionals for professionals. Each loop on the new collection is an original, royalty-free recording.

In addition to all of the core material found on, "Lounge & Reggae" introduces 700 new genre-specific loops in a pristine 32-bit .WAV format, available only on the CD. The library also offers all of Loopology's Cocktail Jazz, Bossa Nova, and Latin loops in the 32-bit .WAV format.

Exploring the reaches of each musical style, "Lounge & Reggae" provides users a diverse range of choices in numerous sub-genres. The reggae collection includes ska, classic dub and pop reggae, while bossa nova, samba, be-bop swing and a multitude of jazz styles make up the lounge offerings.

"Each loop is actually an individual performance by professional musicians who are also enthusiasts of the genres in which they're working," according to Jason Levine, Director of Music, Syntrillium Software. "In addition to the wide variety and high sonic quality of the loops available on 'Lounge & Reggae,' the passion and enjoyment that was derived in creating this library is what makes it a standout tool for any type of production environment," Levine said.

"Lounge & Reggae" also includes an extensive assortment of 32-bit .WAV drum one-shots, providing the flexibility for users to build and design their own beats from scratch.

The CD set is available directly from Syntrillium at or for $49.00.



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