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Winter NAMM 2003
DXM Series DJ Mixers Unveiled at Winter NAMM

At this year's Winter NAMM show, Numark announced the DXM Series, a completely new line of compact scratch mixers for professional DJs. Featuring 24-bit digital processing, DXM Series mixers deliver superior sound as well as many unique performance benefits. The DXM Series is launching with three 2 channel models, the DXM01, DXM03, and DXM06, each with unique performance-enhancing features.

The DXM01 is for purist users. With Subbass Synthesis with Intensity Control, the DXM01 can bring out powerful, tight bass in any mix. Featuring an open control layout, the DXM01 virtually eliminates inadvertent operation of secondary controls, helping turntablists and other aggressive DJs achieve the ultimate performance 'zone'. With an estimated street price of $169.00, the DXM01 will be the company's lowest priced 24-bit digital mixer.

The DXM03 incorporates a realtime multiband 12 column spectral display with different display modes (Master L/R, Master L+R, Ch1/Ch2), which helps DJs recognize and control tonal variances in the source signal, independently of what's happening elsewhere in the system. The DXM03 is perfect for House and Techno DJs seeking realtime visual analysis of what's happening in their mix. The mixer has an estimated street price of $199.00.

The DXM06 features 12 on-board digital effects (Flanger, Echo, Tape Echo, 2x Copy, Phaser, and Filter for CH1/Ch2, plus Vocoder, Echo, Tape Echo, Reverb, Limiter+Distortion, and Telephone for Mic/Aux), all routable to Ch1,Ch2,Mic/Aux or Master. The effects control interface uses a Beat Sync Tap Button, wet/dry fader, and rotary parameter control, plus kill buttons for instant, intuitive control. Estimated street price: $249.00.

All three DXM Series mixers feature Numark's new "D-Type" digital crossfader for feel and response, a reverse switch and continuous rotary slope control, 2 Phono (w/phono defeat switch)/2 line inputs, 1 mic/stereo aux input, steep 3-band EQ with frequency kill, Look-Ahead Peak Limiting on headphone and master outputs, and RCA Record output and 1/4" Balanced Master Output.

The DXM Series is scheduled to start shipping to authorized Numark retailers in Q1 2003.

For more information, visit their web site at




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