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Winter NAMM 2003
Pioneer CDJ800 Digital CD Turntable

Pioneer have finally released details of the worst kept secret in the DJ world for some time - the brand new little brother of the "mother of all CD players" the CDJ800 - slashing approx $550 of the price of it's big brother, but still retaining most of the 1000's features, including the the huge jog wheel, and adding a few features found elsewhere in the range.

If you've backed away from the CDJ1000 before now because of the price, now is possibly a good time to re-evaluate the features, because when they arrive, a pair of these are going to have a street price that is $900 less than the CDJ1000, whilst loosing none of the functionality of the big ones (as long as you can live without the memory card option)

Here's the details of the NEW features:
When using Vinyl mode the Quick Return feature enables a track to return instantly again and again to a cue point just by pressing the surface of the jog wheel.

The Auto Beat Loop feature uses four timing buttons to instantly create perfect one, two, four or eight beat loops. When a loop has been produced manually with the loop in and loop out buttons, this feature allows instant 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 beat cuts of the initial loop.

The Touch Release Dial allows CDs playing in Vinyl mode to be slowed, stopped and relaunched at different speeds when the jog wheel is touched or released.

Playing out can also be enhanced with the deck's "Wide" Pitch Control function. DJs can use the +/- 100 percent pitch control range to create new sound effects from opposite ends of the sound spectrum and also to BPM match completely different tracks.

The Digital Out function ensures that all of the CDJ-800's digital features are carried over to any connected digital environment

The CDJ-800 also includes legendary Pioneer functions such as Master Tempo and Cue/Loop Memory. Master Tempo locks the pitch of a track even when its speed is changed, allowing DJs to speed up or slow down the beat, without any difference to the vocals and instruments. Cue/Loop Memory allows a DJ to set a cue or loop point and then save it to the deck's internal memory. The CDJ-800 has enough capacity to save one cue point for up to 500 CDs, so that DJs can locate their favourite cue points instantly.

CDJ Comparison Chart





Smaller Footprint (305 x 105 x 330 mm)

(320 x 105 x 370 mm)

NEW: Quick Return


NEW: Auto Beat Loop

Manual Loop only

NEW: Tempo Control +/-100%

Tempo Control +/- 24%

NEW: DJ function digital output


Smaller Internal Memory (1 point x 500 CD's)

Internal Memory (10 points x 100 CD's)

No external Memory Facility

Optional MM card stores 100 points per CD x 10000)

Minimum tempo set 0.05%

Miniumum Tempo steps on Pitch control 0.02%

One Vinyl Speed Adjust (it can still break)

Two Vinyl Speed Adjust (Touch and Release)

No Wave Display

Wave Display

No CD Text

CD Text Display

No Calendar Display

Calendar Display

Shock Proof Memory and Floating suspension

Shock Proof Memory and Floating suspension



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