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Winter NAMM 2003
American DJ  Bubblemainia!

Bubbles floating up, bubbles floating down, bubbles floating all around...That is what American DJ’s new directional adjustment BU-350 Bubble Machine is intended to do. Producing tons of brilliant round, shimmery bubbles that can be set off in a specific direction, the BU-350 Bubble Machine is perfect for parties, weddings, clubs, bars, mobile DJ gigs, plays, roller rinks, and bowling alleys.

American DJ’s BU-350 Bubble Machine features a unique bubble directional adjustment component, which can be adjusted upward or downward to control the direction the bubbles are being released in. It works like an air conditioning or heat vent in an automobile. Just like moving a car vent manipulates the air to circulate to one part of a car or another, the directional adjustment component can be maneuvered to make the bubbles travel up or down . . . or at any level in between.

The directional adjustment feature is great for targeting a specific area of a dance floor by a mobile DJ, for example. Or for moving the sparkly bubbles in a particular pattern for a school play. Also, this special element can be used to follow and release bubbles on a bride and groom at a wedding reception, as well as to cover just a portion of a club, bar, or party with heaps of dazzling bubbles.

A high-output bubble machine, the BU-350, generates hundreds of glistening bubbles every minute, making it a terrific choice for covering large areas in a short time. Fitted wands on the BU-350 Bubble Machine give the bubbles a well formed circular shape, and then push them to rise rapidly. A high velocity fan also helps the bubbles go up swiftly. Instantly, any ordinary room can be transformed into an extraordinary fantasy destination that will not only elevate bubbles—but spirits too.

The BU-350 Bubble Machine is equipped with an easy access front fluid tank to allow quick, effortless filling. For even more convenience, the BU-350 Bubble Machine can be used with most types of bubble juice.

Weighing merely 10 pounds, with dimensions of 14.75”L x 9”W x 11”H, the BU-350 Bubble Machine is lightweight, compact, and mobile. The unit includes a hanging bracket—making it super easy to transport, install, and use. 

“American DJ’s BU-350 Bubble Machine was designed with more than just fun and convenience in mind—it was created to surpass bubble machine expectations with a directional adjustment feature that lets the user direct and release the bubbles in any direction, allowing for great control,” said Scott Davies, General Manager for the American DJ Group of Cos.

The BU-350 Bubble Machine has a suggested retail price $119.95.




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