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Winter NAMM 2003
American DJ  Drives The Future

The future of intelligent lighting has made a giant leap forward from concept to reality. With the introduction of American DJ’s Concept:1 and Concept:2, mobile DJs and clubs can now have both scanner and laser effects right at their fingertips in one high-tech lighting fixture – just by shifting gears!

The Concept:1 and Concept:2 are intelligent scanners that incorporate built-in 4.9 mW lasers for a “two-in-one” effect. Both fixtures include five DMX channels along with dazzling gobos and a full spectrum of color options. Best of all, these versatile effects are remarkably easy on the budget, with suggested retail prices of $699.99 (Concept:1) and $839.99 (Concept:2).

Adding to the Concept:1 and Concept:2’s futuristic flair is their sleek-looking high-tech case design.  Made of chrome metal, the cases feature a sharp, edgy shape -- sort of like a rocket with an attached moving arm.

 "The futuristic case design of the Concept:1 and Concept:2 reflects the innovative technology installed within them," said Scott Davies, general manager of the American DJ Group of Cos. “They’re kind of like the ‘concept cars’ of the future that you see at an auto show."

By developing these scanner­laser fixtures, American DJ is addressing the growing trend toward special effects that can serve multiple functions. “The new Concept:1 and Concept:2 are part of American DJ’s ongoing effort to make lighting effects that are capable of double-duty, offering even more versatility and greater value to the user," said Davies.

Loaded with visual excitement, the Concept:1 and Concept:2 feature 19 gobos plus spot, including two replaceable 13.8mm gobos with a 12.5mm image area. They offer 15 colors (plus white), along with two eye-popping quadras that split the light beam into four colors. Both effects strobe and include a separate shutter allows for super-fast strobing.

Both the Concept:1 and Concept:2 can be operated in three modes: via DMX controller, sound-activated, or linked master-slave in multiples. When used without a DMX controller, they will move to their own built-in programs.

The difference between the two fixtures is that the Concept:2 uses a 150-watt discharge lamp, which casts brighter beams than the Concept:1’s halogen lamp. With its more brilliant effects and a long-lasting lamp that runs up to 6,000 hours, the Concept:2 is ideal for larger club installations. 

The Concept:1, which features a 250-watt, 700-hour halogen lamp, is perfect for mobile DJs and smaller clubs. "With two different versions of the fixture, this is a winning ‘Concept’ for everyone," Davies said.  “DJs and large clubs alike will be awestruck by the universality of this effect.”

Full-focusing fixtures, the Concept:1 and Concept:2 feature XLR in/out, high-speed fan and digital display for control mode and DMX value. Both units measure 21” x 6.5” x 13” and weigh 17 lbs.

Suggested retail of the Concept:1 is $699.99. Suggested retail of the Concept:2 is $839.99.




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