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Winter NAMM 2003
American DJ Does a Mirror Trick

American DJ has come out with an ingenious “mirror trick” that will allow DJs and clubs to get more versatility and value out of their lighting effects. The company has introduced the Roller Tron and Scan Tron, two new 2-in-1 special effects that feature a removable X–Y mirror head. 

A remarkably innovative and easy-to-use feature, the removable mirror head allows each effect to quickly convert from a scanner to a color changer -- faster than a magician can pull a rabbit out of a hat!

Keep the X–Y head on, and these effects function as scanners that make broad, sweeping movements across the dance floor. Or, take the head off to stop the lighting motion and create beams that change colors like a psychedelic chameleon. As a color changer, each effect can be used with one of 14 exciting gobo patterns or with the “spot” gobo to produce 11 different colored spotlights (plus white) with no pattern.

With their unique ability to transform from a scanner into a color changer, the highly affordable Roller Tron and Scan Tron fill a huge need in today’s lighting effects market. “Many clubs now have both live entertainment nights and regular house dance nights with a DJ,” observed Scott Davies, general manager of the American DJ Group of Cos.

“During the dance nights, they want wilder effects, so a scanner would be the proper choice. But for a live band, where they don’t want the lighting effects to detract from the performers, a color changer would be subtler and therefore more appropriate. Either way, DJs and club owners can rest assured that the Roller Tron and Scan Tron will get the job done.  The versatility of these effects also gives them incredible value.”

The main difference between the Roller Tron and the Scan Tron lies in the number of beams each is capable of creating. The Roller Tron is a barrel mirror scanner with a head that produces multiple beams that move and scan. The Scan Tron head, on the other hand, produces a single scanning beam.

The Roller Tron and Scan Tron are intelligent effects that can be used with a DMX controller. Both also offer the option of being run in sound-activation mode, with a convenient sensitivity knob that controls the degree to which each effect responds to the music. Best of all is their capacity for expansion into entire lighting systems, as multiple effects can be linked master-slave via XLR cable to run in sync.

“A removable scanner head is such a simple concept, yet its implications are profound,” Davies said. “Thanks to this innovation, the Roller Tron and Scan Tron are capable of performing double duty in today’s demanding and ever-changing nightclub environments.”

The Roller Tron and Scan Tron carry a list price of just $419.95 each. Each effect features an extruded aluminum case design, dual hanging brackets and an EZ lamp replacement door. A ZB-ELC 24-volt, 250-watt lamp and a manual, full-focusing lens come included. Each effect measures 5.75 inches long by 10.25 inches wide by 20.75 inches high and weighs only 23 lbs.




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