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Winter NAMM 2003

Cerwin-Vega! Introduces Its Powerful New Lineup

Cerwin-Vega!, Inc, today announced a major new product launch designed to raise the competitive bar in several key Professional Audio product segments.  Each new product features greatly enhanced performance, improved ergonomics and the most aggressive pricing in the company’s recent history.

V-Series MKII.  A Great Line of Full Range Speakers Gets Better. 

The three all-new V-Series loudspeakers each feature a host of new technical and performance benefits.  All new models have a newly designed crossover with optimum linearity for far smoother vocal response; a new cabinet and venting design for greatly improved bass response and new voice coil technology permitting longer sustained power; newly designed recessed handles for easier transportability and a redesigned spherical horn (V-152 and V-122 only) which provides enhanced performance over the previous V-Series models.   

The V-253MKII, the most powerful full range cabinet in the line, is a mid-level, 3 way design featuring exceptional performance for PA applications with any of Cerwin-Vega’s folded horn Bass cabinets, or as a stand alone for use by mobile DJs. 

The V-152MKII is a compact 15”, 2 way design that replaces the highly successful V-152 and  provides segment leading performance in several key areas.  The V-152MKII can be used with any Cerwin-Vega! folded horn Bass cabinet or can be stacked over the Sub-15MKII when size and space is limited.  The V-152MKII is the ideal solution for small club PA and mobile DJ applications. 

The V-122MKII is a compact 12”, 2 way entry level product featuring unusually high power characteristics for a speaker of its size.  Designed for a wide variety of applications, including a tripod mount for small gigs; stacked over the Cerwin-Vega! Sub-15MKII for added bass performance; vocal applications; and for use as the ideal keyboard monitor.

The Sub-15MKII Sub Bass

Featuring a new cabinet and venting design for lower bass response and revised handle placement for easier transport, The Sub-15MKII direct radiating 15" is the most compact sub bass cabinet in it's mid-level class.  The Sub-15MKII is designed as the ideal bass companion

for Cerwin-Vega’s V-152MKII and V-122MKII full range cabinets, allowing the user to to create one of the most affordable and compact systems on the market.  The Sub-15MKII is also an ideal solution for the mobile DJ market.  the Sub-15MKII

New Folded Horn Bass Cabinets

The new model JE -36 is one of three, new Cerwin-Vega 18" folded horn bass cabinets.  It succeeds the LR-36 and features several unique design improvements over the previous model, including a new enclosure design to optimize the horn characteristics; a newly designed 18” woofer with new voice coil technology for sustained power handling and performance and a universal pole mount, which makes the JE-36 an ideal companion for the V-152MKII full range.  The JE-36 is an affordable bass cabinet perfectly suited for live sound, Mobile DJ and club applications.

The new EL-36 replaces the legendary SL-36, which had long been one of Cerwin-Vega’s most popular designs.  The EL-36 features significant improvements including a new enclosure design to optimize the horn characteristics; a newly designed 18" woofer with new adhesives and voice coil technology for sustained power handling and performance; a universal pole mount, which makes it an ideal performance companion for use with the V-152MKII and a new cabinet and castor design for easier transport.

All new products are available in either gray carpet or black 2-part polyurethane textured paint.

Commenting on the new model lineup, Dave Rice, President, Cerwin-Vega! said: “This year, Cerwin-Vega will be expanding its long-standing commitment to Professional audio.  We’re committing significant resources to providing our customers with an unbeatable combination of segment-leading performance; highly competitive pricing and the legendary Cerwin-Vega reputation for reliability and great customer support.” 

About Cerwin-Vega
Based in Simi Valley California, Cerwin-Vega, Inc. has been a leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of loudspeakers for the home, mobile and professional audio markets since 1954.  Designed in pursuit of dynamic, accurate sound reproduction, Cerwin-Vega products are distributed throughout the world through a network of distributors and dealers in more than 75 countries.  For more information on Cerwin-Vega products and distribution, please visit our website @



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