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Winter NAMM 2003
Denon DN-S5000

Denon is debuting an exciting new DJ product at this year's Winter NAMM Show. The DN-S5000 is a professional tabletop single-disc CD player with a revolutionary new feature: an active analog turntable platter with real-time user interaction. The live motor-driven "active platter," seven inches across, can be used to scratch, backspin, brake, search, and otherwise manipulate as if the compact disc is a vinyl turntable. To complete the authentic vinyl feel of analog scratching, Denon adds a real vinyl record on top of the included slip mat and slip sheet, so the vinyl jock is right at home.

In addition to vinyl feel, the DN-S5000 includes the newly-developed Alpha Track capability (perfected for Denon's recently released DN-D9000), enabling independent playback of two tracks from the same disc at the same time, with the ability to manually mix with a single drive, just as you would with two discs. Additionally, with the revolutionary "Mirror Mix" function, you can also select the same track in both main and Alpha and play the Alpha track after a specified time delay at 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1/1, or 2/1. The effect is as if you had two copies of the same record.

The new "Hot Disc" 35-second memory feature allows you to eject the disc during playback and have play continue for up to 35 seconds; you can also loop within the Hot Disc memory for seamless beat mixing with a new disc.

Three-way scratching capability provides for scratch effects to be applied to the main, Alpha, or sampler track. There are also four seamless loops, plus the revolutionary A-B splice function for seamless removal of unwanted track sections. A and B points for this, plus seamless loop and sampler loop, can easily be adjusted in real time using the Scratch Disc. There are two samplers offering 15 seconds at CD quality.

The DN-S5000 is packed with additional features, including CD Text support and the ability to select a platter effect (Drag-S, Brake/Echo, Dump/Reverse) in the main track, Alpha track, or both while playing a track. You can scan with the Fast Search lever, and manually input BPM tempo values as well as tap the tempo or use the Auto function. Pitch control and pitch bend are possible in multiple ranges at up to +/-100%, and there is a 16 second anti-shock memory on both main and Alpha tracks. Playback start is virtually instantaneous (20 milliseconds) and the deck will play CD-R/RW discs. Denon's new removable slot-in drive technology allows instant replacement of the drive mechanism if needed for zero downtime.

When two DN-S5000 units are linked together via the X-Effects ports, the capabilities are even more awesome. The two units can share extensive Memo data, and Relay Play, Program Relay Play, and Random Relay Play can be used. Two DN-S5000 units can also be interfaced with a DN-X800 for extended control.

Many useful functions are included to accommodate the studio DJ or remixer. For instance, the unit features independent S/PDIF coaxial digital outputs for the main and Alpha track. The output is standard 44.1kHz, 16-bit irrespective of varispeed, pitch shifting, and effects.

Enhancing the custom feel and flexible nature of the DN-S5000, Denon has created a unique opportunity for users to easily personalize the appearance of the machine. Purposely manufactured clear, the scratch disc design allows you to insert graphics of your choice and tailor the slip mat image.

"The DN-S5000 is, quite literally, a breakthrough in DJ product technology," notes Wayne Dolnick, Denon Director of Marketing/Sales for the professional division. "For the first time in the electronics world, Denon has married the familiar feeling and operation of a traditional vinyl-based turntable with the superb quality and extreme digital effects capability of Denon compact disc playback," Dolnick continues. "I think we may have a revolution on our hands, which will bring the industry into the 21st century and change the DJ's tools forever. The vinyl jock will never look at a CD in the same way!"

The DN-S5000 will be available in January 2003 with a suggested retail price of $1200.00. Denon will support DN-S5000 users with downloadable plug-ins in the future, in the same manner established by the award-winning DN-D9000.




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