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CD Blends Electronic, Acoustic, Trip-Hop and World Textures with Seductive Female Vocalists - Including Guest Appearance By Delerium's Kristy Thirsk.

Balligomingo's RCA Victor Group debut Beneath the Surface won't hit the stores until June 11, but the buzz on this ambient electronic alternative soundscape event - think Delerium meets Enya in a Massive Attack frame of mind - is already intense.

Based purely on global word-of-mouth and website downloads, enthusiastic e-mail has been pouring in from the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, South America and India. Alternative Press hails Balligomingo's multi-textured, stylistically eclectic ensemble "one of the 100 bands you need to know in 2002." notes its "worldly effects swirling around grounded beats like high winds in slow motion." MTV's Nina Blackwood calls Balligomingo "a sonically seductive snake charmer, hauntingly hypnotic erotica and quite entrancing!"

Drawing upon composer / producer Garrett Schwarz's myriad of sonic influences - from Enigma and Deep Forest to Enya and Nine Inch Nails - and his own desire to capture elements of those vibes within a more aggressive percussive framework, Balligomingo blends electronic, acoustic, orchestral and world textures layered on each track with haunting and ethereal vocals by one of seven exciting female voices. In addition to up-and-coming talents from Calgary, Anchorage, Vancouver and Dallas, Beneath the Surface features a guest appearance (on the trip-hop seduction of "Heat) by Kristy Thirsk, well known to ambient-pop fans as lead singer of Delerium and the Juno Award-winning ensemble Rose Chronicles.

Balligomingo also includes collaborations with acoustic guitarist/songwriter Vic Levak, string arranger Graeme Coleman, drummer James Kaufmann, programmer Jerry Wong, The Mark Ferris Orchestra and the Taiko performance of Uzume Taiko. "I've always loved what I call mood music, and I've enjoyed the way modern groups like Nine Inch Nails, Crystal Method and Prodigy have combined ambient textures with more aggressive and upbeat rock ideas," says Schwarz.

"Balligomingo is something of a melting pot of all of my favorite groups and sounds, pulling interesting ideas together and finding a happy medium between pure ambient electronic and hard rock alternative music," he says. "A lot of music in this genre is based on the ambient textures, but I'm into fluctuating notes with bass lines and chords to create interesting melodies within those moods. Balligomingo is more bass-heavy than some of the other groups and those darker edges are balanced by the ethereal vocals. These are sexy voices, not too R&B and not too overpowering. The idea is to incorporate the vocals into the soundscape to convey the individual vibe of each song."

Schwarz co-produced Beneath the Surface with Vic Levak, recording all instruments and vocals into his computer and then mixing in Levak's studio.

RCA Victor Group's set-up of Beneath the Surface begins at this years' Winter Music Conference in Miami with "Purify" remixes by Fade and GusGus being seeded to key djs. A full Billboard club and CHR mix show campaign begins early April.

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