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New Lighting

UV Cannon Black Light & B-8 Police Beacon

LOS ANGELES--In lighting effects there are two "timeless classics" that have endured cultural changes in music and pop culture. Black light and police beacon effects were with us through the Psychedelic '60s, the Disco '70s, the New Wave '80s, and the Grunge '90s, and they are still a vibrant part of the lighting scene today. Now, American DJ is rolling these popular effects forward into the 21st Century with the new UV Cannon black light, and B-8 police beacon.

The American DJ UV Cannon steps away from the ordinary and into the extraordinary, transforming any space into "outer space." The unit's ultra-bright rays "beam down" on spectators to create an ultimate glow in the dark atmosphere.

This is not your grandfather's black light from the Filmore East that could only cover a small area with the mystical vibe. With American DJ's innovative engineering, the UV Cannon can cover a much larger area than the black lights of the past.  It also comes equipped with a 400-watt super-high output black light LL-400BL lamp, so it's ideal for larger venues, including bowling alleys, roller rinks, stages, and spacious clubs.

The UV Cannon is also very lightweight and durable. User-friendly, the UV Cannon includes a hanging bracket for easy set-up. With a suggested retail price of $339.95, the UV Cannon is also a fantastic value.

American DJ's B-8 8" rotating police beacon flashes bursts of energetic, intense colors, commanding and "arresting" attention from viewers. A fun eye-catcher, the B-8 police beacon is great for storefronts, home parties, mobile DJs, bands, clubs, bars, roller rinks, and bowling alleys.

The B-8 police beacon is available in four brilliantly vivid colors -- red, green, yellow, and blue. Replacement domes are also available in the same vibrant red, green, yellow and blue colors for an instant mood transformation.

Featuring advanced technologies in materials and manufacturing, American DJ is able to provide the B-8 police beacon at a price so low it would have been unimaginable in the '60s -- just $39.95 suggested retail.

BU-350 Bubble Machine
LOS ANGELES-Bubbles floating up, bubbles floating down, bubbles floating all around...That is what American DJ's new directional adjustment BU-350 Bubble Machine is intended to do. Producing tons of brilliant round, shimmery bubbles that can be set off in a specific direction, the BU-350 Bubble Machine is perfect for parties, weddings, clubs, bars, mobile DJ gigs, plays, roller rinks, and bowling alleys.

American DJ's BU-350 Bubble Machine features a unique bubble directional adjustment component, which can be adjusted upward or downward to control the direction the bubbles are being released in. It works like an air conditioning or heat vent in an automobile. Just like moving a car vent manipulates the air to circulate to one part of a car or another, the directional adjustment component can be maneuvered to make the bubbles travel up or down . . . or at any level in between.

The directional adjustment feature is great for targeting a specific area of a dance floor by a mobile DJ, for example. Or for moving the sparkly bubbles in a particular pattern for a school play. Also, this special element can be used to follow and release bubbles on a bride and groom at a wedding reception, as well as to cover just a portion of a club, bar, or party with heaps of dazzling bubbles.

A high-output bubble machine, the BU-350, generates hundreds of glistening bubbles every minute, making it a terrific choice for covering large areas in a short time. Fitted wands on the BU-350 Bubble Machine give the bubbles a well formed circular shape, and then push them to rise rapidly. A high velocity fan also helps the bubbles go up swiftly. Instantly, any ordinary room can be transformed into an extraordinary fantasy destination that will not only elevate bubbles-but spirits too.

The BU-350 Bubble Machine is equipped with an easy access front fluid tank to allow quick, effortless filling. For even more convenience, the BU-350 Bubble Machine can be used with most types of bubble juice.

Weighing merely 10 pounds, with dimensions of 14.75"L x 9"W x 11"H, the BU-350 Bubble Machine is lightweight, compact, and mobile. The unit includes a hanging bracket-making it super easy to transport, install, and use. 

"American DJ's BU-350 Bubble Machine was designed with more than just fun and convenience in mind-it was created to surpass bubble machine expectations with a directional adjustment feature that lets the user direct and release the bubbles in any direction, allowing for great control," said Scott Davies, General Manager for the American DJ Group of Cos.

The BU-350 Bubble Machine has a suggested retail price $119.95.

DMX-512 Intelligent Moonflower

LOS ANGELES-- American DJ is continuing its stellar tradition of releasing intelligent lighting effects that are affordably priced for DJs and clubs, by introducing its latest "star" --the Centurion. The DMX-512 Intelligent moonflower features 14 revolving gobos that can twinkle and sparkle to brighten up the night scene for a suggested retail price of just $219.95.

The Centurion will bring 21st-Century-style effects to any venue with its large selection of 14 gobo/color combinations, including 12 solid color and 2 multi-color gobos, which rotate across the floors and walls to produce an electrifying light show. Eye-popping magenta, blue, bright yellow, and orange gobos are used to generate an array of starry, floral, and tribal geometric patterned images.

Featuring a beam spread that covers a wide area, American DJ's Centurion is ideal for use in larger clubs and venues, as well as on a musician's stage, roller rink, or bowling alley floor. Yet, it is compact and lightweight for easy transport by mobile DJs.

"American DJ is always working towards making lighting effects more affordable for its customer and more astonishing for their patrons," said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Cos.  "The Centurion is very reasonably priced for an intelligent effect that includes such a large number of colors and gobo images.  And it's versatile enough to be used in a wide range of applications -- from the mobile DJ who plays smaller clubs, to a permanent fixture in larger venues."

To add to this versatility, the Centurion offers three operation modes-- DMX, master/slave and sound activated.  In the intelligent DMX mode, a unit can be individually programmed and controlled with any universal DMX-512 controller to craft a customized light show. In the master/slave mode, up to four lighting units can by linked by XLR connection, and they will move in synchronization together for a dazzling multi-effects visual presentation.  In the sound activation mode, the Centurion will chase to the beat of the music using its own built-in programs.

Also available as an option is a convenient Centurion/C controller called the IRC 2, that can be used to control blackout, sold separately for a suggested retail price of $31.95.

The Centurion is fan cooled, and comes with a LL-EPF 12v, 100-watt lamp for an intense high-energy light show. The lamp has EZ access through its replacement door, allowing users to change lamps in the blink of an eye.

Including a hanging bracket, the Centurion can be placed anywhere in a room. With dimensions of 10.25" L x 11.25" W x 11" H, and only weighing 13 lbs this lighting effect is easy to carry and user-friendly.

This new star is one that is sure to bring radiance and excitement to the dark of night. For a suggested retail price of 219.95, the Centurion is a great value.

Ready For Riggin'

Stage Tools Introduces High-Strength, Affordable Aluminum Trussing

For Club, Auditorium and Mobile DJ Lighting Set-Ups

LOS ANGELES - Clubs, theaters, churches and mobile DJs now have a new, more secure and attractive way to rig their lighting set-ups. Stage Tools Truss America LLC has introduced a line of TÜV-approved aluminum trussing that is not only amazingly strong and durable, but is also priced affordably to fit the budget of virtually any lighting user.

By offering high-quality aluminum trussing at a down-to-earth price, Stage Tools is opening the way for smaller clubs and DJs to take their lighting set-ups to a new level of professionalism, said Kenneth Kahn, general manager of Stage Tools Truss America.

"In the past, many smaller performers, DJs and clubs haven't been able to rig their special effects and lighting fixtures on high quality truss, because it was priced beyond their means," said Kahn. "But now Stage Tools is changing all that with our new line of highly affordable aluminum trussing."

Stage Tools is designed to accommodate the growing market of lighting users who would like to move up to a more elaborate and professional rig-type set-up, added Damian Mendoza, sales manager for Stage Tools Truss America. "There is growing market particularly of DJs and others who want something durable and attractive to hang their lighting on," observed Mendoza. "Stage Tools aluminum trussing provides an answer to their needs. Along with being affordable, it's very strong and rugged, while at the same time offering the light weight and cosmetic appeal of aluminum."

In addition to DJs, the lightweight aluminum trussing is great for other mobile applications, such as touring companies, production/rental houses and tradeshow designers. Stage Tools' affordability and high-quality construction also makes it ideal for all types of permanent installations - from churches and concert halls, theaters and nightclubs, to convention centers and airports.

Not only are Stage Tools products lower in price, they're also stronger than much of the aluminum trussing that was used in the past. That's because the trussing is made from higher-strength 6082-T6 extruded aluminum alloy - a material so strong, rigid and corrosion-resistant that it is used by the aviation industry for aircraft construction.

In addition to being made from a stronger aluminum alloy, Stage Tools products utilize a conical coupling system that offers a number of distinct advantages. For one, the conical shape of the couplers helps to maintain overall rigidity, especially at key stress points, which allows for more secure structuring. In fact, the conical coupling system was adapted from a technology called "mouse-key" construction used in oilrig structures. As you'd imagine, oilrigs must be able to withstand forces from all directions at all times. How's that for stability! There is also a more precise line-up of chords and fastening points, and the conical parts themselves are very difficult to damage, so they are better able to withstand the rigors of road use.

Conical coupling is also more convenient for users, since it assembles very quickly and easily. Additionally, it allows for truss to be genderless, which gives each piece greater versatility, providing users with more rigging options.

Stage Tools offers a complete line of truss in standard lengths, including 3 meter/9.84 ft., 2 meter/6,56 ft., and 1 meter/3.28 ft. Also available are a wide range of other lengths from 0.5 to 5 meters, as well as corners, cross and T-junctions. One end of connecting hardware is included with each segment.

Overall width of the truss is 290 mm (11.5"), with 50mm (2") outer diameter tubing, 20 mm (¾") diagonal bracing, and 2 mm (0.078") wall thickness. Stage Tools trussing is TÜV-approved and made from 6082-T6 aluminum alloy composition.

American Audio Introduces DX-5R

4-Channel Rotary Mixer

LOS ANGELES - From classic cars to '70s-style fashions, the retro trend is hot today. Now American Audio has introduced a classic-style rotary mixer that will put a "blast-from-the-past" in the hands of DJs and re-mix artists who want to go retro - the DX-5R Rotary Mixer.

A 4-channel rack-mount mixer, the DX-5R features large silver rotary knobs on each of its channels, which give it the appearance of a mixer from the '60s or '70s.  Not only do the retro-style knobs look great and command attention, they'll also appeal to DJs who like the "authentic" feel of turning a rotary dial, as opposed to using channel crossfaders.

"With its large silver knobs, the DX-5R has the classic looks of an earlier mixer," said John Brown, national sales manager for American Audio.  "We decided to come out with a rotary mixer, because retro-style things have gotten so big today, and also because a lot of DJs really prefer rotary knobs to crossfaders.  You might say that the DX-5R is the 'P.T. Cruiser' of mixers."

In addition to rotary knobs, each of the DX-5R's four channels has individual LED indicators.  The highly-visible LEDs make it easy for DJs to manipulate channel settings in any environment. 

The DX-5R is also equipped with a large Master Volume rotary knob.  Additionally, there's a 4-band rotary EQ on the master level that controls bass, mid low, mid high and treble.

Although its rotary knobs may be retro-style, the DX-5R is strictly 21st century when it comes to offering features for today's performing DJ artists.  It comes standard-equipped with a high-quality Feather Fader for smooth, quick crossfades. The DX-5R also offers Fader Q Start, when used with a compatible American Audio CD player (sold separately).

With 8 lines, 2 phono and 2 mics, the DX-5R gives DJs plenty of flexibility for configuring their gear.  Other features of the DX-5R include: separate balanced outputs (Master Outs, Booth Outs and Subwoofer Outs); adjustable subwoofer frequency control; and gain level knobs for each channel.

Rack-mountable, the DX-5R is compact and lightweight for easy transportability.  It measures 19"L x 7"W x 4.5" H, and weighs just 7 lbs. 

At a manufacturer's suggested retail price of just $319.95, the DX-5R Rotary Mixer is destined to become a classic.

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