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Martin Shines at LDI 2002  

Three busy days in Nevada desert for Martin US

Martin didn't win an award at this year's LDI show, but if there had been an accolade for most popular booth Martin certainly would have been a contender, having exceeded their own high sales expectations.

Martin personnel worked hard to keep pace with the large number of visitors.  "We are very pleased," stated Martin US Sales Director Eric Loader after the show concluded. "Interest was exceptionally high and feedback was tremendous. Most of all, I am very proud to be part of such a great team.  Everyone worked very hard to try and spend quality time with each customer, and customers were very patient during the busy hours of the show."

The new Maxxyz professional lighting console continued to turn heads.  On-stand demonstrations were packed throughout the three-day exhibition while valuable development feedback was received at a special Maxxyz symposium held at the Martin Las Vegas office prior to the show. Lighting designers also showered a great deal of attention on the latest MAC 2000 fixture, the MAC 2000 Wash and its revolutionary motorized barn door system, providing a wealth of positive feedback.

Graced with a variety of ViroStation arrangements and new Alien 02 indoor architectural luminaries, the eye-catching booth was one of the show's most popular. Illuminated 3M light pipe, attachments for the Martin Exterior 600 and 200 luminaires, proved very popular, beckoning visitors from all corners of the hall. As a colorful backdrop to the Maxxyz display area, a large projection screen demonstrated MAC 2000 Performance effects while Martin personnel greeted guests at a busy bar and information area.

A dedicated DJ and Club area featured popular hands-on displays. Interest in the latest MX series fixture, the MX-10, was high, as it was for the Ego series of flower effects, including the brand new Ego 3 kaleidoscope effect.

Martin's other brands, Mach speakers and Jem smoke, enjoyed a successful three days as well. "LDI was an excellent show for Mach speakers too," Eric commented. "The Mach speaker area and M-flex sound demo room were busy. The US audio market is truly starting to discover the quality behind Mach and the M-Flex system." Popular new products for Jem smoke also drew a great deal of attention including the Magnum Pro Hazer, a high precision, high velocity DMX haze generator.

When all was said and done, Martin US personnel returned from Las Vegas a satisfied group. Martin Professional, Inc. CEO Troels Volver though had a special remark for Martin's partners around the country. "We have a great appreciation for our dealers across the country and all the support they've shown. It's important that we maintain a positive and personal relationship with these key partners because without them we certainly wouldn't have the success we do."



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