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Chauvet recently introduced its new CH-865 16 pattern controller to the entertainment lighting market. This linkable, sound activated, and fully automated controller features 4 channel duplex sockets, 16 patterns, 2400watts total, rope light connector, optional footswitch, switchable power, and an $85.99 M.A.P. An available footswitch, the CH-FSLS, is a great addition with features such as full on, black out, chase, and comes with a 21ft. extension.  Another great product from Chauvet.



X-Factor and CH-Xpress
Chauvet introduces 2 new interfaces for its ShowXpress software. Chauvet now makes it easier to run your show right from your computer. The new X-Factor is a USB to DMX interface with 512 channels, DMX in and out, unlimited shows when using computer, 1 recordable memory bank, and an M.A.P of $469.99. The next evolution is the CH-Xpress Plus. This USB to DMX interface features 512 channels, DMX in and out, Stand alone mode, unlimited shows when using computer, 14 recordable memory banks, stand alone speed control, can run up to 4 shows simultaneously in stand alone, and has an M.A.P. of $899.99. ShowXpress software upgrades are absolutely free at It's a beautiful thing.

The CH-400 black light cannon now has recently been made more economical for the Mobile DJ and night clubs. The new CH-400China features an improved high-powered china bulb, long throw, coverage of up to 70ft. x 60ft., and an M.A.P. of $229.99. Powerful!




Chauvet introduced it's latest in strobe control at this years LDI. The CH-751 strobe controller is a one channel unit that can control up to 6 strobes and features sound activation, speed control, momentary switch, on/off switch, a 33ft. cable, switchable power, and a very nice price tag. Controlling your strobes just got easi

Chauvet now makes it possible to control any Chauvet fogger through DMX with their all-new DMX-3F converter. You can now program the show and control your fogger right from your controller. This compact DMX converter works with all non-DMX Chauvet fog machines. 


Chauvet welcomes the new DMX-50 to its line of DMX controllers. The DMX-50 has a silver casing with blue LEDs and features an assignable and reversible professional joystick, the ability to grab any fixture on the fly, 240 scenes, 192 DMX channels, 30 banks of 8 scenes, 6 sets of chases containing 240 scenes, fog button control, midi compatibility, controls 12 intelligent lights with up to 16 channels per light, beat activation, tap sync, auto run, polarity selector, and has an M.A.P. of $289.99. Chauvet once again demonstrates its commitment to providing innovative and affordable products to the mobile DJ and club scenes.

Chauvet introduced its new F-1250 fog machine this year. Perfect for any club, this fogger features a 1200watt heater, 3.7 quart tank, wired timer remote, fluid level indicator lights located in the front for perfect view from any DJ booth to ensure you never run out of fluid, and puts out an impressive 7,000 cubic feet per minute. M.A.P. for the new F-1250 is $139.99. Well done, Chauvet!

Chauvet recently released their all-new and biggest fogger to date...the F-1700 fogger. Perfect for any club, the fogger has a massive 1700watt heater, 3.7qt tank capacity, wired timer remote, manual fog button, fluid level indicator lights on the front for easy view from any DJ booth to ensure you never run out of fluid, and puts out an unbelievable 15,000 cubic feet of fog per minute. With an M.A.P of $239.99, this is truly the ultimate fogger.

Chauvet introduces its smallest fogger ever... the F-650. This fogger features a 450watt heater, wired remote, manual fog button, 1-pint tank capacity, and puts out 1,500 cubic feet per minute. With an M.A.P of $39.99 a free pint of fluid, and amazing output, you can't go wrong.



Chauvet introduced another impressive addition to its lineup at LDI this year... the new Fascination. This 3 channel DMX controlled luminaire features 15 gobos, 12 colors, 1 bi-color, 1 four-color, open white, blackout, strobing, an ELC3 24v 250watt lamp, switchable power, and built in beat activated programs for 2 or 4 linked units. The Fascination greatly enhances the moonflower by delivering a powerful gobo flower effect, and has an M.A.P. of an impressive $199.99. The Fascination is easily programmable via any universal DMX controller.

Chauvet delivers again with its introduction of the Fusion to the entertainment lighting world.  The Fusion is a beat activated effect that adjustably rotates and shakes, featuring beat activation control, vibration control, 5 dichroic colors, 4 prism mirrors, 4 lenses, switchable power, an EHJ 24v 250watt lamp, high output and high energy, with an M.A.P. of $169.99. This fast moving effect is a must see!



With the addition of an automated scanning mirror, Chauvet's Fascination takes on new form... the Imagination. The Imagination is a 5 channel DMX controlled luminaire with 15 gobos, 12 colors, 1 bi-color, 1 four-color, open white, blackout, strobing, 180degrees of pan, 90degrees of tilt, and a $299.99 M.A.P. The Imagination transforms the traditional moonflower into a stunning gobo flower effect, and is easily programmed by any universal DMX-512 controller. Chauvet has replaced the Imagination's mirror with a barrel to create the Sensation. The Sensation's barrel offers 180degrees of pan and 360degrees of continuous rotation in both directions with the same gobo moonflower effect as the Imagination and Fascination. An impressive addition at $299.99 M.A.P. Whether you buy one piece or a combination of pieces, you'll definitely get a room full of color.

Chauvet has truly hit the nail on the head with this year's introduction of the Legend 150R moving head.  This 6 channel luminaire has separate gobo and color wheels featuring 9 dichroic colors and 7 rotating, replaceable, index able 28mm gobos. Other features include dimmer and shutter strobing, split colors, switchable 110volt/230volt power source, reversible digital display, a powerful arc 150 discharge lamp, 540degrees of pan, 270degrees of tilt, and built in beat activated programs that will woo even the worlds greatest designers with 3 slave options for floor mounting, ceiling mounting, and synchronous or two light show. The Legend 150R is easily controlled using Chauvet's CA-6 easy controller, or any universal DMX-512 controller. With the Legends incredibly fast speed, perfect precision, and $899.99 M.A.P., somebody has obviously thought outside the box.

Chauvet introduces the little brother to its Legend 150R moving head...the Mini Legend.  The Mini Legend is another fast action DMX controlled moving head with 14 gobos plus open, 11 dichroic colors plus white, strobing, 540degrees of pan, 270degrees of tilt, switchable power source, a powerful ELC3 24volt 250watt lamp, and truly impressive built in beat activated programs that allow the user separate programs for floor mounting, ceiling mounting, and synchronous or two light show. Chauvet's new CA-6 easy controller, or any other universal DMX controller easily controls the Mini Legend. Once again, Chauvet demonstrates its commitment to providing innovative, and affordable lighting to the mobile DJ or small club venue. M.A.P to be announced.

Chauvet introduces a new control system this year with its SF-8005 control system. The SF-8005 features 8 on/off switches, 8 flash switches, built in fog control button, built in strobe controller, three way switch, ¼ output for CH-865 par 38 controller, 1 relay pack with 8 plugs, switchable power source, linkable relay packs, 15 amp fuse, 25ft. of cable, and an M.A.P. of $109.99. Impressive.

Chauvet released the SF-9005 control system at LDI this year. Their newly enhanced control system features 8 on/off chase switches, two chase options, a 16 pattern sound activated chase, or a 20sec. To 15min. timed chase, built in fog control, built in strobe controller, 3 way switch, ¼ output for CH-865 par 38 controller, 1 relay pack with 8 plugs, linkable relay packs, 15 amp fuse, 25ft. cable, and a $129.99 M.A.P. Nice!

Chauvet introduced its all-new and very impressive Haze Master at LDI this year in Las Vegas. This 2-channel DMX controlled machine has a 1.6qt.tank, wired multi-function remote, internal fan with speed control, output control, manual button, and an M.A.P of $199.99. You can now control output and fan speed right from your controller.  Don't be surprised if you see this one in arenas as well as clubs. Another true innovation with quality and performance from Chauvet.

Chauvet recently introduced one of the brightest moonflowers in the market to their effect lighting roster...the Wildmoon 250. This high output scanning moonflower, perfect for larger venues, features a 180degree scanning mirror, selectable rotating, static, or sound activated beams, 2 dishes including 1 dichroic moonflower and 1 dichroic tunnel, a powerful 24v 250watt EHJ lamp, and an M.A.P. of  $129.99. Nice!


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