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Denon DN-S5000 Digital Turntable



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DN-S5000 Digital Turntable

Denon DN-S5000 Digital Turntable

You have waited for the ULTIMATE in vinyl emulation, THE WAIT IS OVER! Denon, the leader in DJ technology unleashes this kicking unit to blow away the competition! Trade in your other table top CD players before their value goes any lower! Denon brings you a SPINNING platter to please even the most picky vinyl beat-juggler.

Demo units will ship to stores in mid December... Expect to be able to get your hands on one in mid January!

  • Removable drive

  • 7.5" motor driven platter
  • Alpha Track allows independent playback of two tracks simultaneously from one CD
  • Hot Disc: Lets you eject a disc during play and have it continue for another 35 seconds,

    and you can loop within the Hot Disc memory

  • 3 Way Scratch: Lets you apply scratch effects by selecting Main, Alpha or Sampler Track as

    the source

  • CD Text support

  • Clear Scratch Disc: Create your own custom slip mat designs
  • Scan using Fast Search Lever
  • 2 DN-S5000 units can view each otherï¾’s Memo data (when connected via the X-Effect In and Out ports)
  • 4 Hot Starts
  • 2 Samplers with 15 seconds each
  • 4 Seamless Loops
  • 100mm pitch control slider
  • A-B Splice: This function removes unwanted sections of a track seamlessly
  • Auto OR Manual BPM calculation
  • Switchable display for main or alpha tracks


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