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Grey BPM 104

You don't have to be a DJ nerd or have a pocket protector to carry around the BPM104 from Grey. This small, handheld device is just the tool you need to add to your gig bag and it comes with it's own leather case. Being handheld and small are just two of the amazing features I noticed when checking out the BPM 104.

In the past, BPM counters have taken up a full rack space on your case to get the features the BPM104 exhibited. This small, 5"x 2" metal encased BPM counter was a breeze to use. Out of the box, I had the unit plugged in and operating in less than 5 minutes. No installation was required, no patch cords, no taking the back of my gear case off. Using the innovative cord Grey thoughtfully included, I just plugged the unit into the headphone jack of my mixer and plugged my headphone into it. From the headphone jack, the cable went to one side of the BPM104 unit and the power adapter attached to the other side. Immediately the unit  sprang to life.

Comparing the accuracy of the BPM104, I used various mix discs that had the BPM104 already calibrated and listed on their J-cards. The BPM104 scored an 18 out of 20 in tracking the tempos. In a rapid fire, the BPM104 kept track at a good pace as I moved from track to track averaging only a few seconds from music to tempo calculation.

The size of this unit is a major plus for DJs on the move. It's stylish extruded aluminum case and ¾ inch red designer LED display give it a techie look and should make it a hit with DJs wanting something that is not only a cool, but  very usable tool.

One other tip. For those that are looking to catalog their tunes by BPM using their computer, the BMP104 is completely compatible with your PC and comes with an adapter for 1/8th inch headphone jacks.





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